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Wire & Cables

  • 100ft premade surveillance camera cable

    200' Direct Burial Cat5e

    Item: DB-CAT5-200
    Direct Burial 200' Cat5e Network Cable with RJ45 fittings. Great for outdoor harsh environments.
    Reg. $230
  • 1000' Box CAT5E Cable

    1000' CAT5e Cable

    Item: CAT5E-1000
    1000ft Box of data cable. Great for network IP cameras and sending CCTV-700 analog video signals long distances using Video Baluns.
    Reg. $186
  • 1000' Siamese Cable

    1000' Siamese Cable

    Item: Dual-Cable-1000B
    Black - 1000ft Spool. Dual Video & Power Cable. Only one cable for each camera needed.
    Reg. $296
  • Power supply pigtail male

    Power Pigtail - Female

    Item: PIGTAIL-F
    Female Power Supply Pigtail for connecting power wire to single camera power supplies.
    Reg. $4
  • RG59 and RG6 Coax Stripper

    Coax Stripper

    Item: COAX-Stripper
    It's the easiest way to perfectly prepare a coax cable for a BNC fitting with a simple twist.
    Reg. $22
  • RJ45 Crimping Tool

    RJ45 Crimping Tool

    Item: T303
    Crimping tool for RJ45 fittings. Used to connect RJ45 connectors to Cat5 network cable.
    Reg. $53
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