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Choosing the Right System

An easy to follow guide for the beginner!

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About this Guide

There are thousands of different types of security and surveillance solutions on the market, and finding the one that best fits your the right price...can be confusing. The truth is, selecting the right equipment and installing it yourself is a lot easier than you may think. Spending a few minutes to study this guide will allow you to make an informed and smart choice. Plus you'll sound like an expert when you are talking to others about video surveillance.

Choosing the Right System

Selecting the right system is easier than you may expect. The following information will help you focus in on the right technology for you.

"Cost is my main concern"

If you are looking for the lowest possible price for a camera solution our CCTV series is the right technology. While it offers the highest performance in an analog system, the costs are the rock bottom lowest for a high performance system. If the budget allows an upgrade to the HD-CVI is a good value as well.

CCTV-700 Series

"I want to balance cost with performance (Best Value)"

Consider our HD-CVI or HD-SDI series. Both are great HD performers. The HD-CVI's main benefit is price while the HD-SDI's main benefit is performance. Both provide an excellent balance between cost and performance; real value.


"I want the best performance on the market"

This is a tossup between our HD-SDI series and our HD-IP series. The both offer HD 1080p video performance but there are some basic differences. The HD-SDI offers more durable cabling options, while the HD-IP offers more network and remote camera location options. Speaking with one of our representatives can help clarify which technology is best for you.

Best performance

"I only want to remotely view cameras not record"

All our systems provide remote viewing through the internet and Smartphones. However if this is your only concern, we would recommend using our HD-IP cameras with our free Professional Surveillance Software. This software installs on your computer and allows multiple cameras to be viewed remotely through the internet or on a Smartphone without the expense of a DVR.

HD-IP Cameras

"I’m looking for an easy installation"

Look for our kits that include pre-made cables. The installation is as simple as mounting the camera, plugging the cable into the camera's pigtail and then plugging the other end into the DVR and power supply. No special tools or skills needed. The cable, cameras and power supplies simply click together without any hassle. This is the case with all of our technologies.

Easy Installation

"I’m not a hi-tech kind of person"

If you are looking for simple, the CCTV, HD-CVI and HD-SDI technologies are the answer. They use the same type of parts; and setting the DVR up for motion recording is as simple as turning it on. The HD-IP technology is not the right choice if you do not have a basic or functional understanding of computers and networks.


"I want flexible programming"

The answer to this one is a bit relative to your point of view. The HD-IP series provides the most flexible system design options and powerful programming flexibility. But there are very few things the CCTV, HD-CVI and HD-SDI DVRs cannot be programmed to accomplish. It’s your choice on this issue. If you have some special programming options you would like to discuss, feel free to call our support representatives with questions. There is a good chance we have the answer.


Let Us Provide a Custom System Design!

Option 1: Let our Experts design a system for you! Toll Free 1-800-431-3056

Our experienced design experts are ready to discuss your application and provide a detailed quote for a custom designed system. Give us a call during business hours…

  • 10am-7pm, M-F, Eastern
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Option 2: Custom Quote Tool

Custom Quote Button

You can also use our new Custom Quote tool! Simply follow the instructions and in a couple of minutes we have all the information we need to design a custom system for you. We then email a detailed quote to you. Click the Quote Button shown in the top right corner of the screen to get started.

Option 3: System Design Worksheet

The document below is helpful in collecting the information needed to properly design a video surveillance system tailored to your needs. It is intended for a customer to specify the types of cameras and recording features they would like included in a video surveillance system. A completed worksheet gives our design experts all the information they need to design a custom system and provide a detailed quote.

We encourage you to complete the worksheet and forward it by email to One of our representatives will respond with a custom design and quote.

System Design Worksheet
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