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10 Lb Fire Extinguisher


Item #FE-10

The last Fire Extinguisher you'll ever buy. This unit is covered under our lifetime guarantee.

Free for life:
- Free Recharging Service
- Free Inspection
- Free Repair or Replace
- See Below for Details

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This durable professional fire extinguisher is design for a lifetime of service. The unit is UL listed making it suitable for applications where fire extinguishers are required by fire code. Designed for home, business and commercial uses. The unit is a dry chemical extinguisher which allows for long term storage and use at a moments notice.

Simple Operation

The unit is easy to operate; simply pull the safety pin, point the nozzle at the base of the fire and squeeze the handles. "pull, point & squeeze".


This dry chemical extinguisher is charged with (FORAY) which is an effective fire suppressing agent suitable for extinguishing 99.8% of fires. This type of unit is referred to as an "ABC" unit which references the three types of fire classes it is designed for; Class A (wood, paper, cloth), Class B (flammable liquids and gases) fires, and Class C (electrical) conductivity.



Designed for all general home and business fire protection applications which include: homes, kitchens, garages, furnace rooms, near fire places, light manufacturing, warehousing, restaurants, office buildings, shop areas, auto repair shops, paint process areas, apartment buildings, parking garages, aircraft servicing areas, material handling vehicles, and many others.

Wall Mount Bracket Included

The unit can be stored in an easy access fire cabinet or wall mounted with the included bracket.

Shipping & Packaging

Your order is double boxed to ensure safety and prevent damage. National transportation code does not allow for air based shipments. Due to this, all shipments will be sent using either UPS ground or USPS ground services.

Factory packaging; this unit is factory packaged in individual recyclable corrugated cardboard cartons; designed and field tested to help ensure your extinguisher arrives undamaged and ready for operation. The glued one-piece cartons have carrying handles and a pressure gauge inspection port.

Maintenance Pressure gauge

Once a year you should physically inspect the unit and check the pressure gauge. The yellow indicating arrow should be pointing in the green; if it is pointing to red the unit should be serviced or (recharged). If the pressure gauge is pointing to green turn the unit upside down and vigorously shake it a few times to looses and stir the dry chemical inside, then place the unit back to its location, it is read for use. If the pressure gauge is indicating red; follow the servicing instructions in our lifetime guarantee to get the unit recharged free and ready for use.

  • Meets or exceeds ULC S504 and S508
  • USCG approved with proper bracket
  • Tough, glare-resistant, one-piece mylar nameplates
  • Rechargeable
  • Large, easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • Dry chemical extinguisher (Foray)
  • Suitable for commercial/compliance fire protection
  • Wall mount or cabinet
  • Shell: High tensile seamless steel cylinder
  • Exterior scratch free coating
  • Collar MIG welded to produce a smooth, high integrity weld
  • Shells are 100% factory air tested in excess of 600 psi
  • Easy grip extinguisher handles
  • Bodies are made from a durable extruded aluminum alloy
  • Valve assembly plated steel valve stems & long life o-rings
  • Rugged all-steel pick-up tubes
  • Large, color-coded pressure gauge
  • Color-coded mylar label with step-by-step operating instructions

Recommendations from an expert

It is essential that you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen since it is the most likely room in your home for a fire to start. Typically kitchen fires are grease fires, and they cannot be put out with water. In fact, trying to put them out with water is very dangerous. Putting water on a grease fire can actually cause a grease explosion showering you with hot grease. Do not use water on a grease fire!

While the most likely place you'll need to use a fire extinguisher in the kitchen is the stove/oven area, it is actually not good to store your fire extinguisher too close to the stove. The reason is that if something catches fire on or near the stove it may force you to have to reach through the flames to grab the extinguisher -- not good. So instead, store your kitchen fire extinguisher somewhere a bit further away from the stove, but still within easy reach.

You should also keep an extinguisher on each floor of your home, just so one is close by without having to run up or down stairs. This would include one in a basement if you have it, as well as upstairs if you have one of those. In addition, many fire experts suggest keeping a fire extinguisher in the garage. That's because this is another prime location fires occur in homes, since this tends to be where people often store things like excess paint, other chemicals, and building materials.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

For as long as you own the unit we will provide free recharging, inspections, repair and/or replacement. No gimmicks! Simply send the unit to our servicing facility and we'll inspect the unit, recharge it and send it back ready for use. Customer is responsible for the shipping costs to us and we pay for shipping back. Damage due to misuse, dropping the unit or poor storage locations is not covered under our guarantee. Free servicing/recharging is limited to once each year per unit. While the units are designed to be ready for use for years it is recommended that it is serviced and recharged every 12 years. Note: Some of our sales and promotional discounts may not apply to this item.

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