4 Channel NVR Security System

ProVue 4 Channel NVR

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Pro-vue 4K NVR
4 Channel Network Video Recorder
  • - 4 Video Channels
  • - 4k, 8mp, 6mp & 5mp Recording
  • - 1 SATA Hard Drive Bay
  • (Hard drives sold separately)

  • - 4 PoE Ports (Power over Ethernet)
  • - Smart Phone, Internet, PC-Mac Remote Viewing
  • - HD Live Viewing

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ProVue - 4 Channel Network Video Recorder
4k Clarity - 30 Frames Per Second - Audio Recording

Top Performing Business & Home NVR

This 4k network video recorder offers top business performance and an easy to use software, making it perfect for both businesses and homes. This unit supports up to (4) 4k IP and network cameras, and also provides a refined and flexible surveillance management platform. This unit is for use with ProVue and Elite-IP cameras.

NVR Features:

  • 4 IP Video Channels (4K)
  • 4 PoE Ports (Power over Ethernet)
  • 4k, 8mp, 6mp & 5mp Recording
  • Multi Camera Grid Display & Playback
  • HDMI & VGA output
  • Smart video detection: MD, camera blank, video loss
  • 3D intelligent positioning PTZ dome cameras
  • Easy backup: USB devices, CD/DVD-RW, cloud & network download
  • Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, PTZ, e-mail & FTP upload
  • 1 SATA Hard Drive Bay (Hard drives sold separately)
Pro-vue NVR

ProVue Software Features

  • Real-time 4K viewing & recording
  • Audio recording, all channels
  • Custom multi camera viewing
  • Motion recording & alerts
  • 24 hour, scheduled & motion recording
  • Multi camera playback
  • Automatic hard drive overwrite
  • H265 codec, 40% more storage
  • Power failure auto recovery
  • Pan, tilt, zoom control
  • Mobile viewing & playback
  • Cloud & FTP backup
  • Built-in PoE
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Plug & play setup
  • Instant USB backup
  • Public view monitor supported
  • Time-date video stamp
  • Silent Operation
ProVue 4K NVR Features

Video Storage

The unit stores the video footage on internal hard drives. The size of the hard drive and the recording options determine the total number of days the system can store. Click here to choose the right hard drive for your needs.

Remote Viewing – Network, Internet, Smart Phones & Tablets

Instantly access live viewing of any cameras on the system at anytime you need. The software supports full remote viewing - using PC, Mac, i-Phone, iPad, Android, Windows Phones, Internet Explorer and many others. The software has NO monthly fees and is free for life.

Linux Operating System for Rock Solid Dependability

This NVR runs an embedded Linux operating system, resulting in years of trouble free service. No PC is required with this system, just plug in your cameras and hook up any HD flat screen with an HDMI cable to begin recording crystal clear HD video. Keep in mind, you will only view 4K clarity using a 4K monitor.

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

This unit is equipped with 4 PoE ports that allow a network Cat5 or 6 cable to be connected to the NVR and each camera. This network cable provides both video transmission to the NVR and power delivery to the camera.

FREE Cloud Back-up

Are you concerned the video recorder may be stolen in a robbery or burglary? Our FREE cloud back-up service eliminates the possibility of the bad guy getting away with the evidence!

Cloud Backup - Free

Have your surveillance system automatically back-up to your private Dropbox cloud storage. All our ProVue video recorders are equipped to send any two video feeds to your own private Cloud Storage for back-up. Simple setup and reliable.

Our Quality Guaranty

We only offer professional equipment that has been quality tested and has a proven track record for reliability and performance. Each item is shipped in new condition and includes an easy to follow user guide written in clear English. Our goal is simple; quality you can count on and 100% customer satisfaction.

USA Based - Unlimited Technical Support

We are an American owned company and we provide USA based, Free, Unlimited, Life-time Technical Support for all the equipment we offer. Don’t hesitate; if you have a simple question or need help with remote viewing setup or trouble shooting…our professional, friendly technical staff is here and ready to help! Many times we can resolve an issue by remotely logging into the system and solving the issue in minutes. We’re here and ready to help!


Extended 5 Year Warranty

All equipment is covered under a complete 5 year warranty from the date of delivery. During this time all products are guaranteed against manufacturing and operational defects. In the event of such defects during this period, it is our responsibility to replace the defective item with an exact or comparable product.

5 Year Warranty

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More Information

Installation: Please be careful where you choose to install this unit. Consider this device a computer with hard drive. Do not install the unit where the temperature cannot be consistently maintained between 60 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If this guide line is not followed its likely you will experience premature failure.

NVR Specification Sheets

Internal Hard Drive
The NVR does not require a hard drive to operate. However, the NVR stores the recorded video footage on an internal hard drive. The drive(s) are installed, formatted and tested by our technical staff prior to shipping. No action on you part is needed other than turning the unit on. The size of the drive and the recording options determine the total number of days the system can store.



Recording multiple channels of HD video requires a hard drive that can keep up with the work load. Our Purple Series hard drives are design specifically for surveillance video recorders. They can keep up and stay up with the work load, assuring reliable smooth video recording at all times.

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