Video Over Coax - 8 Camera Security Systems

To cover every angle of your entire property with CCTV home surveillance, Backstreet can connect eight cameras outdoors and indoors, with Backstreet’s 8 camera security systems, shown below. Backstreet provides the best in CCTV home surveillance, offering 8 camera security systems to protect your home or business.
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Dome or Bullet Style Camera, which should you choose?


Video Clarity


4K Video Over Coax

Our ArmorPro Series is the perfect choice if you're looking for both flexibility and reliability. ArmorPro video recorders and cameras support all coax video formats (CVI, TVI, AHD & Analog), it's a great option if low price is important, or you need to retrofit an old surveillance system that uses coax cable. Instead of rewiring the entire system just to get HD video, all you have to do is replace the cameras and video recorder. For more details: Upgrading an old System.

Easy Install

Video over coax equipment offers a simple low-tech solution but still provides high-tech 4K performance. Easy to mount cameras, quick connect cables (no specialty tools needed), and simple remote viewing setup are just a few of the advantages. ArmorPro's installation makes it an extremely popular option for homes but is also great for a low cost business system!


Coax - Video Samples

Color Night Vision

C O L O R Night Vision
Many of our ArmorPro cameras are equipped with advanced low light and zero light night vision systems. The camera provides clear color video at night with the presence of some ambient light, such as yard lighting or nearby street lights. If the ambient light is not adequate then the IR night vision system automatically turns on, providing high quality black and white night vision video.


security camera resolutions

Confused about resolution and frame rates? Click here.

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