How to Shop for Security Cameras


How often do you actually purchase a video security system? The average person might buy one or two in their entire lifetime, so it's reasonable to assume that the average person doesn't have the expertise or the knowledge to make an informed decision to meet their security needs. There are many different technologies on the market and each provider uses different industry terms to describe the same features and performance levels. So it's understandable that many consumers who are researching the products end up more confused at the end of the process than when they started. Consumers have three buying options. They can find a professional in the industry who they trust and then follow the guidance and recommendations from that professional. They can research online, educate themselves and base their purchase decision based on that knowledge, but many bypass the education side because it's too confusing and they start shopping for the lowest price.


The last scenario causes the most problems for consumers. Solely basing your purchasing decision on price is usually the most expensive way to go because it's pretty expensive to install a system, realize it's not going to work and that it doesn't get what you need, then take it out and install a new one. When you really drill down into it, consumers aren't really interested in low prices, they're interested in value. Consumers who get it right the first time accomplish three things. First, they find a supplier they trust who will guide them in the right direction. Second, they educate themselves on the important aspects and then lastly, they shop for the best price based on the expert's advice and the knowledge that they've gained. In other words, a consumer who purchases a system at the lowest price that also meets their needs uses a combination of these three shopping options.


This course helps cut through the confusion and allows a consumer to dial in on the factors that matter. You'll learn how to select the right technology, what mistakes to avoid, how systems store video, how users interface with the systems, and how to get the best value for your dollar. The course takes about an hour to complete, and at the end, you'll be able to shop, compare, and buy a system at the right price with confidence. We offer this expert advice free with no purchase obligation. Ultimately, our goal is the same as your goal: a cost-effective system that meets your needs at the right price. Whether you purchase the system from us or another provider, we want to make sure that you get it right the first time.

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