CCTV Kit Builder - Build Your Custom Video Surveillance System in Minutes!

Our Security Camera Kit Builder allows you to construct a unique and personalized surveillance system in a matter of minutes. No previous skill or knowledge is needed when using the builder. This tool removes the hassle of selecting each individual component of your surveillance system by walking you through a simple step by step selection process. The tool will provide you with every required component, ensuring that you have a fully operational high performance video surveillance system by the time you reach checkout. The tool will also supply you with our recommendations for cameras, NVRs and hard drives based on your needs and personal preferences.


What's Included?

CCTV Kit Builder What's Included?

The steps of the CCTV Kit Builder are as follows:

1.) What are you building your system for?

- Is it for a home or a business?

2.) Select your cameras

- Dome, Bullet or PTZ style cameras

3.) Select a video recorder

- 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel NVR

4.) Select your hard drives

- 1T, 2T, 4T, 8T and 10T Western Digital Purple Series HDD options

5.) Select your cables

- Pre-made cables, Self-made cables or choose "I have my own" if you will be using your own cables

6.) Select additional items

- Monitors, Camera Mounts and Power Extenders

7.) Installation options

- Do you want the system to be professionally installed by us or would you like to install the system yourself?

8.) Review your system

- Ensure that the system you have constructed is exactly what you are looking for

9.) Proceed to quote / checkout

- You can have a quote of your new custom system sent to your email or you can complete the purchase

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