What is a POE Camera? Let’s Understand the Mechanism of Poe Cameras

Imagine yourself enjoying on a vacation with your family and the sudden worry of surveillance comes in. Did you lock your door properly? Or maybe you’ve forgotten to double-check your door. This worriness can ruin your whole mood on your vacation.

Even if someone wants to check on something they need to have a physical place which can lead to many disadvantages. Someone who stays away from their home has to face many difficulties because they can’t be able to access the security footage without physically present there.

But in this advanced world, where technology and security walk hand in hand, now there is no need for physical presence to access your security footage. With smart integration of technology, you can access images and videos from anywhere in the world.

At the heart of this technology lies the magic of poe security camera system, making the wire complexity easy with smart integration. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss what is a POE camera and how its mechanism works. So join us as we dive into the world of poe camera system.

What is POE Cameras?

In today’s ever-changing environment where everything is changing very rapidly, ensuring the security of our loved ones has become a crucial task. The rising cases of burglary and robberies not only make us worry but also increase the need for security solutions. 

That’s where the role of Poe cameras comes into play, they act as a digital solution for all your security needs. It eliminates all the disadvantages of the traditional camera that used to come with a complex installation process. 

But before delving further into the mechanism of POE cameras let's first understand what is POE camera actually is. A POE camera that is also known as a power over ethernet camera has made the installation of the camera more easier.

Let’s face it, there is no doubt that the traditional camera has served many features and functions for years to prevent robberies and burglary. But it also comes up with a complex installation process that makes the surveillance camera installation more difficult and time-consuming.

With the POE camera system, now there is no need to deal with the tangled wires that are connected to multiple outlets. With just one single wire you can take the various benefits of a security camera and enhance the security for your loved ones.

The Working Mechanism of Poe Cameras

We understand that Poe cameras eliminate the cable mess of traditional surveillance cameras, offering reliability and a clean installation process. But have you ever thought about how this camera mechanism works that raises the security level of our surroundings?

Let’s understand its mechanism with a phone charging wire. Yes! You heard it right. Imagine you have a phone charging cable that provides you with both, internet and a power charge. Does it sound crazy, right? But that’s how power over ethernet cameras works.

They act as an all-in-one combo for your surveillance camera, offering you internet and power to your camera. The POE switch utilizes specific pairs of wires with the ethernet cable without disrupting the flow of power.

Additionally, traditional cameras might not be able to integrate with security features such as night vision and high-definition cameras. On the other hand Poe technology with better power delivery allows these advanced features to work hand in hand and exalts the security with more robust features and functions.

Types of Poe Cameras

Now let’s see some various surveillance cameras that are integrated with this POE technology. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Dome Cameras

These dome-shaped and sleek design cameras are idle for indoor monitoring offering robust features and functions, also they come with vandal-resistant features.

Furthermore, the domed shape also helped in making it difficult for robbers to detect where the camera was facing.

  • Bullet Cameras

These are the most popular and common cameras that can be found anywhere. The bullet shape of the camera makes the camera easily recognizable, resembling bullet shape.

Their versatility makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Also, their bullet-shaped designs are equipped with high-definition lenses making them ideal for monitoring places such as parking lots.

  • PTZ Cameras

PTZ also recognized as pan, tilt, and zoom cameras are perfect for offering robust features of zoom in and out for wider coverage of surroundings.

Additionally, they offer flexible and top-notch security for safeguarding your home and business assets by tracking real-time activities.

5 Things You Should Consider While Selecting a Poe Camera

There are various considerations while selecting a power-over ethernet cable, some of them are discussed below:

  • Night Vision

Robbers and vandals are most likely to target things in the night. That’s why it is essential to ensure that your surveillance has a night vision camera that can capture images and real-time events at night.

Night vision features help in monitoring things even in low-light conditions, assuring your safety all day and night.

  • Storage Option

When it comes to capturing footage, storage plays an important role. Most of the cameras go out of storage which is the most common issue nowadays.

Consider a POE camera that has more storage capacity, so that it does not go out of storage while recording the footage. 

  • Resolution

Unlike traditional cameras that used to be equipped with low-resolution ability, POE cameras offer a higher resolution so that they can capture footage with clarity and every detail.

Go for a higher resolution such as 1080p, or 4k camera for better image quality and video footage.

  • Field of View

One of the main things that you need to consider is understanding the field of view. If you want coverage of a larger place then opt for a camera that gives a larger field of view such as a 360 dome camera

Likewise, if you want to install a camera for a covering smaller area then opt for a camera that covers the lesser field of view. 

  • Weather Resistance

Weather is one of the most important factors that you should always look at. Select a camera that can sustain in every weather condition.

Ensure that no matter what weather it is your camera can survive in low weather conditions to high weather conditions.

Wrapping Up!

So, there you have it! Throughout this informative blog, we have understood what is POE camera and its mechanisms. But this is not enough. When it comes to selecting the right security camera system, many of you get confused and select a camera that doesn’t align with your security needs.

With Backstreet Surveillance, you can explore the world of security cameras that offer reliability and convenience. We understand your needs and provide you with the best robust security solution that fulfills your surveillance needs.