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Business Device Installed

Business Device Installation
Business Installation of (1) IP Device, labor includes wire runs up to 200 feet, normal installation procedures. If the work requires conduit, trenching or aerial runs please call for price.

Devices can be installed indoor or outdoor but all mounted on the same structure (home or building). The NVR should be located in a safe temperature controlled area preferably near the internet modem for connection to your internet modem or router (for remote viewing). The price is based on normal installation practices and is limited to normal installation tasks; maximum wire run under 200ft per run. The price does not include the installation of extended wire runs, PTZ cameras, conduit, trenching and other difficulties not common to most installations.

Installation will be performed at the customer's convenience and best efforts will be made to meet customer expectations. Please understand that some device locations may cause unexpected installation difficulty and alternative locations may have to be considered and accepted. The installer will mount the devices and conceal connections to the video recorder and the internet modem/router. When installation is complete the Backstreet support staff will provide all programming and remote viewing setup.

5 Year Equipment Warranty

All equipment purchased from Backstreet Surveillance is covered under our 5 year extended system warranty. During that period Backstreet will replace any defective part.

1 Year Installation Warranty

The installer will warranty all installation issues for a period of 1 year from the date of installation. After the 1 year the customer agrees to pay for any labor costs required to replace defective parts.

Lifetime Technical Support

Backstreet Surveillance provides free lifetime technical support for all our systems and customers.

What is not included?
  • The installation fee does not include wiring to detached buildings, structures or underground cable installations. It does not include camera locations above 20ft height..

  • The installation fee does not include man-lifts or additional cables. The customer agrees to pay addition costs for lifts or additional cables if insufficient cable lengths are purchased with the system. .

  • The installation fee includes all materials to professionally mount equipment and provide a professional installation but does not include any addition parts need to compete installation such as a conduit and labor, video monitor or HDMI video cables.

This installation service is only offered with Backstreet Surveillance systems, cameras and equipment. We do not install third party equipment.

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