Commercial Office Building - Design

Commercial office buildings come in many sizes and designs. They may have one tenant or multiple tenants. For the majority, the concerns for safety and security are very similar.

Perimeter protection includes main entrances, emergency exits, docks and parking lots. The design is based on the design and use of the facility, but good design covers all entry points and often wide area coverage of parking areas.


PTZ Cameras for Manufacturing plant 1

PTZ Camera
PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are common on business and commercial buildings. They are an effective tool when large areas require surveillance such as parking lots. They can be programmed to run custom tours covering large areas. And a user can pan, tilt and zoom the cameras to areas of concern. PTZ cameras greatly enhance the effectiveness of security personal, allowing them to perform complete facility tours using the cameras.

Capturing License Plates

Capturing license plates of vehicle entering a parking facility can be extremely useful in identifying vandalism, damage to other vehicles or theft in the parking area. Capturing plates is common but certain guidelines should be followed for reliable plate capture. Cameras should be dedicated to this task. The speed of the car should be taken into account as well as the angle of view. Entry points are the best place to capture plates. It provides a funnel location where each vehicle is certain to pass. Click here for more details on capturing license plates.


Entry points and lobbies should be covered with wide angle cameras. If the public is in reach of the camera, only consider a vandal dome housings.

Elevator Cameras

Many high rise buildings have or would like cameras in the elevators. This requires a traveling cable installed in the elevator shaft. The traveling cable, by code, must be provided and installed in the elevator shaft by a licensed technician working for an elevator company. Once the traveling cable has been installed, the camera can be installed in the cab and connected to the cable.

Interior Cameras

Interior cameras in hall intersections is a good way to document the activity of tenants and cleaning crew’s after hours. Sensitive rooms or equipment rooms should also be monitored including; docks, loading/unloading areas, break rooms, cafeterias, back hallways, electrical rooms, boilers, maintenance rooms etc.

Live Monitoring & Recordings

Building may have security personal monitoring the live video on-site or the system may only be used after the fact when an incident has already occurred and visual documentation is need.

System Management

The cameras report to the NVR (Network Video recorder) which allows for multi-camera viewing, recording and remote access and control using smart phones. This can be a very powerful tool. The facility attendants can pull cameras up on their smartphone and control the PTZ cameras. This allows them to respond to a problem as soon as it’s reported. The NVR is equipped with hard drives to record all cameras continuously. The total number of days stored is a function of the number of cameras and the size of the hard drive(s). Some facilities only require a couple of days of storage and others require a month or more. The video recorder or (NVR) is the so called "brains" of the system and should be located in a secure area or in a specifically designed metal lock box.

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