Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities of all types utilize video monitoring and surveillance systems for operations management, security and safety.

The system design must be flexible to adapt to the facilities operations and allow for adjustments and additions. IP based or network systems are used heavily when designing a system. Their modular design allows cameras to be easily added or moved as the facility's operations change.

Manufacturing plant

Often the systems are used more for operational monitoring than security. Systems allow managers to log directly into the live feeds of multiple cameras right from their work computers. This provides instant supervision monitoring and employee management. The same cameras, after hours, provide video documentation of janitorial personal, maintenance activity and deliveries.

The designs vary greatly from one facility to another. The system should be customized to the specific physical features of the building as well as the operational aspects of the business. Perimeter cameras can be effective in monitoring docks, outdoor storage, large machinery, furnaces, trash bins, parking lots, employee break areas, entry points, perimeter gates and the list goes on. Interior cameras are used to monitor fork lift traffic, inventory, indoor docks, manufacturing processes, break rooms, halls, production areas, document rooms, office areas and emergency exits.

Manufacturing plant 1

PTZ Camera

PTZ (pan, tilt,zoom) Cameras

PTZ cameras are an effective tool when large areas require surveillance. They are excellent for large parking lots or outdoor inventory storage areas. The camera's housing is key to a cameras long term performance. The cameras can be programmed to run custom tours and adjusted as needed to focus on specific areas of concern.

PTZ Cameras for Manufacturing plant 1

PTZ Cameras for Manufacturing plant 2

System Management

The cameras report to the NVR (Network Video recorder) which allows for multi-camera viewing, recording and remote access and control using smart phones. This can be a very powerful tool. The facility attendants can pull cameras up on their smartphone and control the PTZ cameras. This allows them to respond to a problem as soon as it’s reported. The NVR is equipped with hard drives to record all cameras continuously. The total number of days stored is a function of the number of cameras and the size of the hard drive(s). Some facilities only require a couple of days of storage and others require a month or more.

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