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Property Managers have a lot on their plate managing multiple buildings, with multiple tenants, each having specific but different security and safety needs. To complicate their job further, each property may have a different owner with unique goals for their property.

With so many variables to manage, effective property managers find ways to standardize their support services so that they can establish consistent levels of security and safety from property to property.

Video security systems provide an essential management tool for property managers. They provide the ability to remotely monitor tenants, protect the facility and limit liability. They essentially provide the manager the ability to be on-site without physically being on-site.

The Problem
If the manager treats the security services for each property independently from the other, big management problems can start to occur. Imagine managing multiple properties, all with different video systems to learn, each with different mobile apps for operation, different providers, and each provider offering different levels of service and response times. Reality is, if the manager does not standardize on one security provider with the resources to provide standardized service at all locations, the managers job becomes much more complicated.

The Solution
Backstreet provides standardized services nationwide! Consider us a security "general contractor". We maintain a complete customer support department for system design, turn-key installation services and ongoing user support. One phone number and one contact for any needs at any location. Only one mobile app to view and manage all the properties.

We have designed tens of thousands of business and commercial systems nationwide. Our experts work with the property manager to customize a system for each location. Our designs focus on meeting each locations needs while standardizing the equipment, coverage and service.

We provide turn-key installation services nationwide. Once the design is complete and the manager has approved the project, we post the work on our nationwide network of 10,000 security installers. We set a firm price for the work and move the funds for payment into an escrow account. The funds are lock in the account until the technicians have finished and the property manager has confirmed the work is complete, meets quality expectations and the manger is completely satisficed with the installation. Then and only then the funds are released to the installer. This process motivates the installer to move quickly, follow professional installation practices and focus on customer satisfaction.

This process assures the property manager receives the best service possible. If the manager has an issue or is not happy with the installer it only takes one call to us. We replace the contractor with one that will meet the managers expectations. This ability to switch providers is possible because we are the expertise and they are simply the trained labor. In contrast, if a property manger were to contract directly to a local security dealer, they inadvertently locked themselves into the provider. Whatever service and response time they provide is what you'll receive. Our service does not lock us into any one provider, we simply replace the provider with a better one. We do all the work, for the property manager it was just one quick call to us.

Lifetime Support
Our customer support number is the only number the property manager needs. We maintain a fully staffed support department. If the manager has a problem with a system or needs help retrieving footage, its just a quick call to us. Our representatives can login remotely and solve most problems quickly. If the issue cannot be corrected remotely we dispatch a technician to provide onsite services. This greatly reduces downtime caused by any issue.

We are confident in our pricing. Because we provide line-item quotes the property manger and facility owner can easily see what they are paying for and where the investment is being spent. This transparent pricing approach generates huge savings for the customer, commonly saving 50% or more compared to a local provider. If a contractor refuses to provide a line-item quote and only provides a lump sum price, they are probably over charging for equipment and services.

Getting Started
Give us a call, let's talk about your needs and expectations. We'll develop a standardized support service based on your unique needs. widget logo

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