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Farm & Ranch Security
Securing a Ranch or Farm with video surveillance can be technically difficult but well worth it. The main challenges are the large areas that need coverage, the distance between multiple buildings and the unique needs farmers and ranchers face. Additional challenges include locating power sources and transmitting video. Also consider that a rancher's inventory (livestock) can literally walk away and that farmers leave hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory lying on the ground with no protection whatsoever (crops). Such assets are at risk and difficult to protect without a video security system in place. While the challenges can be considerable and often times requires creativity, the effort can pay off big for the rancher or farmer.

With such large areas to manage a video system can help monitor critical events such as livestock birthing, monitoring water flows, documenting supply deliveries, monitoring feed levels or verifying that the perimeter is secure and gates are closed and locked.

Ranches and farms are often a target for looters and burglars simply because of the remote location, absence of personnel on site and the expensive equipment that can be left unattended for considerable amounts of time.

Farms and ranches are dangerous places to work. The worker is often alone operating large and potentially dangerous equipment with medical assistance being considerable distances away. Nationwide, farms by themselves represent almost 9% of all work place fatalities. That's a huge number considering how few ranchers and farmers we have compared to the total population.

Design & Application
We have designed thousands of video security solutions for ranches and farms. Each and every design has been different because each customer has a unique operation and specific needs and concerns. Let us go to work for you! Below you can schedule a consultation with one of our expert designers. At no cost we'll design a system based on your needs and provide a line item quote for the system.

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Word of Appreciation
Reality is that farmers and ranchers are national hero's (literally). They work 12-14 hour days, often 7 days a week. They take the risk of working an entire year earning no income at all. Their success is at the mercy of the weather, the demand for their crops, the price of feed, the ability to source water and fertilizer costs. They take risks not many of us could endure. They put everything on the line, many become wealthy but many more barely survive or, even worse, do not. Thank you to American ranchers and farmers, you are the true grit of this county.


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