Storage Facilities - System Design

It’s obvious why a storage facility would want a camera system. The liability for the storage company is considerable if they do not take reasonable steps to protect their customer’s assets. Most facilities require a 100% coverage of the entry and storage isles.

General Design

Normal design locates the video recorder in the rental office or the manager’s office. Entry gates are equipped with cameras specifically selected and located to record both the front and back plates of all vehicles as they enter and leave the facility. A properly designed system will also provide facial ID of the vehicles occupants. This can be accomplished with one well-placed camera.


Storage Facility 1


Cameras are strategically located around the facility to get the most coverage from each camera. The cameras are usually located at the ends of each storage isles. Parking areas and perimeter fencing is usually covered as well.


Storage Facility 2

Transmitting Video

The independent free standing buildings create some installation challenges. The difficulty is usually transmitting the camera signals from each building to the video recorder. This can be accomplished in several ways and the design and construction of the facility may dictate which transmission process is best for that facility. Our IP network systems are a good choice for transmitting multiple camera signals from building to building. Only one cat5 or cat6 cable from one building to another is needed to send multiple camera signals using our PoE units. We also have wireless solutions that can transmit groups of cameras a thousand feet.


Storage Facility 3

Open Storage Yards

Open area storage creates even more challenges. Long range cameras located on poles are an option. Such design can effectively cover entire open area storage yards as the diagram below indicates. This type of system should be engineered by an expert.


Open Storage Yard

Video Storage & Video Recorders

The total number of days the system stores recorded video is a function of the number of cameras and the size of the hard drive. We also recommend using the motion activated recording feature. This can increase the total days of stored video by 50-100%.


How motion recording works: The cameras are always streaming the video to the recorder. The recorder monitors the pixels of each camera and can identify movement. The system, because it is always buffering the video, adds the 10 seconds of video prior to the movement into the video clip, so no part of the activity is missed. Each camera can be set up to record continuously or on motion using automatic schedules.



Expert Business System Design


Our business design experts have decades of design experience. We have designed thousands of business systems for retail, office buildings, malls, parking lots, storage facilities, airports, police stations and many government facilities. Designing an effective security solution requires expertise. We have that expertise, and can design an effective system for your business or facility.


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