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It seems churches and religious facilities are under attack these days. Camera systems are a mandatory part of a security solution. The systems perform two vital functions, building security after hours and public security during hours.

Church perimeter security cameras
Perimeter- Surveillance

All perimeter entry points and parking lots should be covered. Parking areas should be equipped with cameras and monitored live while meetings are in process. One of the meeting attendants, using a tablet or smart phone, can monitor the live perimeter and parking lot cameras for threatening individuals or events. This is a low cost solution to secure the congregation and give members time to exit the building in the opposite direction.

Interior Camera Placement

Small dome cameras are best for the interior. The camera should be chosen based on the viewing area desired. Small low profile vandal domes can be used in the entry doors, lobby and halls. A wide angle lens should be used to cover as much area as possible. Cameras should cover all entry points and traffic areas.

Vandal Dome Selection


The cameras report to a Network Video Recorder or NVR. This is the brains of the system. A hard drive is installed in the unit to record the cameras. Motion alerts, remote viewing, audio recording, playback and camera control are all performed by the video recorder. The system can be accessed by computers, tablets or smart phones to quickly monitor the facilities operation.

The total number of days the system stores video is a function of the number of cameras and the size of the hard drive. We also recommend using the motion activated recording feature. This can increase the total days of stored video by 50-100%.

How motion recording works: The cameras are always streaming the video to the recorder. The recorder monitors the pixels of each camera and can identify movement. The system, because it is always buffering the video, can then add the 10 seconds of video prior to the movement detection into the video clip, so no part of the activity is missed. Each camera can be set up to record continuously or on motion using automatic schedules.

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