150 Ft Siamese Video & Power Cable for CCTV & CVI Cameras

150' Video-Power Cable


Item: Cable-150

150' Video & Power Cable with Plug and Play Fittings

Great for quick installation.

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This 150ft CCTV cable is made out of quality materials. The video cable is made of RG59 coax with a 95% copper shield. The power cable is 18awg twisted 2 conductor which assures the cable can support cameras with large power draws such as night vision cameras. The fittings match up perfectly to power supplies, cameras and video inputs on DVRs...plug and play.

  • 150 Foot Length
  • Black Color Cabling
  • Pre-made RG59 Video Power Cable
  • 95% Shielded Heavy Duty Cable
  • BNC Male Video Connectors on both ends
  • DC Power Jack (female) connector on one end
  • DC Power Plug (male) connector on one end

Note: This cable is not outdoor rated. It should not be exposed to weather or UV rays. This cable is not plenum rated.

Note: Due to the length of the cable we only recommend using our Hi-Draw single camera power supply or one of our multi-camera supplies with this cable. The Low Draw power supply may not provide adequate power at this distance.

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