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Item: PWR-Trans-Kit

Transmit video over 110v power.

This unit solves the hard to wire camera problems. The kit transmits up to 16 camera video signals across 110v power wiring. Power outlets must be physically wired to the same electrical panels.

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Item: Power-Trans-Kit

If you find running a cable from the video recorder location to your internet modem (for remote viewing) is a problem; this kit is the answer. Plug one unit into the wall outlet and connect the video recorder to it using a network cable. At the modem location plug the other unit into the wall outlet and use a network cable to connect the two. The power line units transmit the video data signal across your home or business 110v power grid. A simple, easy solution to a hard wire run.

Power line video transmission

If you have, lets say a detached garage and you would like to install cameras on the garage. But you do not have a way to wire the camera or camera(s) to the video recorder located in your home. This kit is the solution. Simply install the cameras on the garage and wire them to a PoE unit (Power over Ethernet), this unit powers the cameras. Then connect the PoE to one of the transmitters. In the home, plug the other unit into a wall outlet and using a network cable, connect the unit to a camera input on the video recorder or your internet router. All the cameras will be transmitted across your power wiring to the video recorder. You can transmit up to 16 cameras this way with one kit.

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