AIPHONE Intercom Systems

AIPhone Intercom Systems

Aiphone intercom systems are a reliable and secure communication solution for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They provide users with the ability to communicate with one another from anywhere in the building or premises. Aiphone intercom systems feature hands-free voice communication between two or more locations, allowing for quick and easy communication without having to physically be present in the same room.

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  1. Aiphone CCS-1A
    Aiphone CCS-1A ChimeCom 2 Set, 1 Door Station, 1 Master Station
  2. Aiphone RY-PA
    Aiphone RY-PA Door Release Relay, 12VDC, N/O for LEF Series
  3. Aiphone GT-DBP
    Aiphone GT-DBP Audio Panel for GT-DB/VN
  4. Aiphone LE-D
    Aiphone LE-D LEF Series Surface Mount Door Station, Black
  5. Aiphone LE-A
    Aiphone LE-A Surface Mount Sub Station
  6. Aiphone GTW-DP
    Aiphone GTW-DP Distribution Point Wiring Terminal Strip
  7. Aiphone SKK-620C
    Aiphone SKK-620C 6VDC Power Supply, 200MA, UL Listed for AT-406
  8. Aiphone JK-MB
    Aiphone JK-MB Mullion Mount Bracket for JF-DV, JO-DV, or JP-DV
  9. Aiphone GT-4Z
    Aiphone GT-4Z 4-Way Video Distribution Adaptor for the GT Apartment Intercom System
  10. Aiphone RY-ES
    Aiphone RY-ES External Signaling Relay
  11. Aiphone GT-1A
    Aiphone GT-1A Audio Only Open Voice Tenant Station
  12. Aiphone LE-DA
    Aiphone LE-DA Audio Only Intercom, Flush Mount Door Station, Stainless Steel Cover
  13. Aiphone RY-3DL
    Aiphone RY-3DL Selective Door Release Adaptor
  14. Aiphone LEM-1
    Aiphone LEM-1 1-Call Audio Master Station, Push-to-Talk Communication
  15. Aiphone LEM-1DLC
    Aiphone LEM-1DLC 1-Call Master Station with Door Release, for Dual Master System
  16. Aiphone GT-202HB
    Aiphone GT-202HB 2x2 Module Surface Mount Box
  17. Aiphone AX-084C
    Aiphone AX-084C Central Exchange Unit for 8-Doors/Subs, 4-Masters
  18. Aiphone RY-AC/A
    Aiphone RY-AC/A External Signaling Relay, LEF
  19. Aiphone IER-2
    Aiphone IER-2 Chime Extension Speaker, for use with DB, JF, JK, JO, KB, or NEM Series
  20. Aiphone JP-DVF
    Aiphone JP-DVF Video Door Station, Vandal Resistant Flush Mount, Stainless Steel
  21. Aiphone GTA-DESB
    Aiphone GTA-DESB 10-Key Audio Entrance Panel Kit with GT-DB and GT-NSB
  22. Aiphone KMB-45
    Aiphone KMB-45 45-Degree Mullion Mounting Bracket for 1-Gang Surface Mount Door Stations
  23. Aiphone GF-3P
    Aiphone GF-3P 3-Call Button Panel for GT-SW
  24. Aiphone PS-1208UL
    Aiphone PS-1208UL 12VDC Power Supply, 0.8A, UL Listed
  25. Aiphone GTV-DES202B
    Aiphone GTV-DES202B 10-Key Video Entrance Panel Kit, 2x2 Modular Station for the GT Series
  26. Aiphone GT-DMB-N
    Aiphone GT-DMB-N Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Video Entrance Station with NFC Reader
  27. Aiphone WL-11
    Aiphone WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom Set, 4-Piece, Includes WL-DA (Door Station), WL-1ME (Master Station), WLW-C.E (Charging Dock) and BLJ06W050040P2-U (AC Adaptor)
  28. Aiphone LEF-5C
    Aiphone LEF-5C 5-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station
  29. Aiphone 82220350C
    Aiphone 82220350C 3-Conductor, 22AWG, Shielded Wire, 500'
  30. Aiphone JOS-1F
    Aiphone JOS-1F Entry Security Intercom Box Set with Vandal Resistant, Flush-Mount Door Station, 7" Video
  31. Aiphone JPS-4AEDF
    Aiphone JPS-4AEDF 7" Touchscreen Flush Video Intercom Set, 3-Piece, Vandal Resistant
  32. Aiphone JO-1MDW
    Aiphone JO-1MDW App Enabled 7" Touchscreen Monitor
  33. Aiphone SBX-AXDVF
    Aiphone SBX-AXDVF Surface Mount Box, for Use with AX-DVF Series
  34. Aiphone JPW-BA
    Aiphone JPW-BA Long Distance CCTV Camera Adaptor
  35. Aiphone 871804P50C
    Aiphone 871804P50C 4-Conductor, 18AWG, Solid, FEP Insulated, Plenum Wire, 500'
  36. Aiphone GT-NSB
    Aiphone GT-NSB 3.5" Display Module for GT Series Modular Entrance Stations
  37. Aiphone GT-NSP-L
    Aiphone GT-NSP-L Display Module Panel for GT-NSB
  38. Aiphone IX-SSA
    Aiphone IX-SSA IP Audio Door Station, SIP Compatible, Vandal Resistant, Stainless Steel
  39. Aiphone JOS-1FW
    Aiphone JOS-1FW Mobile-Ready Box Set with Flush-Mount Door Station, 7" Video Set
  40. Aiphone JO-DV
    Aiphone JO-DV Surface Mount Vandal Resistant Video Doorbell, Video Door Station for JO Series
  41. Aiphone IX-MV7-HW-JP
    Aiphone IX-MV7-HW-JP IP Addressable Hands-Free or Handset Master Station with 7" Touchscreen, SIP and TAA
  42. Aiphone IXW-MA
    Aiphone IXW-MA Multi-Purpose Adaptor for IX Series
  43. Aiphone IXG-2C7
    Aiphone IXG-2C7 IP Video Tenant Station, 7" Touchscreen
  44. Aiphone IXG-DM7-HID
    Aiphone IXG-DM7-HID IP Video Entrance Station
  45. Aiphone JOW-2D
    Aiphone JOW-2D Adaptor for JO Series Video Intercom System
  46. Aiphone JF-2HD
    Aiphone JF-2HD Video Sub Master Station
  47. Aiphone JFS-2AEDV
    Aiphone JFS-2AEDV Hands-Free Video Intercom Set with Surface Mount Vandal Resistant Door Station
  48. Aiphone LEF-5
    Aiphone LEF-5 5-Call Master Station
  49. Aiphone NHR-8C
    Aiphone NHR-8C Bedside Call Cord, 7"
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