Code Blue Help Phones

Code blue public help phones are emergency communication devices that allow people to quickly and easily contact first responders for assistance in an emergency. These phones are usually located in high-traffic, public areas such as parks, schools, transportation hubs, and shopping malls. Although they may look like regular pay phones, code blue phones have a distinct and recognizable blue color to indicate their purpose.

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  1. Code Blue SLNP0152

    Code Blue SLNP0152 ToolVox X3 Media Gateway
  2. Code Blue 50001

    Code Blue 50001 IA4100 Speakerphone 1-Button Push For Help Bezel
  3. Code Blue 40058

    Code Blue 40058 Anchor Bolt Kit, 1 & 9 Series
  4. Code Blue IP2500-S

    Code Blue IP2500-S Single Button Phone Assembly, Surface Mount
  5. Code Blue IP5000

    Code Blue IP5000 FP2 Dual Button Phone Assembly, Push for Help, Single Button, Stainless Steel
  6. Code Blue CBCE00001

    Code Blue CBCE00001 Centry Surface Mount Enclosure with Camera, 2 Button Top
  7. Code Blue IA4100

    Code Blue IA4100 Speakerphone Analog Single Button
  8. Code Blue CBCE00004

    Code Blue CBCE00004 Centry Help Point, Enclosure Style Flush Mount
  9. CODE BLUE 40141

    CODE BLUE 40141 Mount, Overhead Camera; Safety Blue; For CB-1 Pedestal Mount Emergency Call Station
  10. Code Blue CB 2-E

    Code Blue CB 2-E Brushed Stainless Steel, No Speakphone, Graphic Text on Side "Emergency"
  11. Code Blue 55101

    Code Blue 55101 LS1000-S Single Button IP Speakerphone, White
  12. Code Blue S-1000

    Code Blue S-1000 24V LED Beacon/Strobe, Blue
  13. Code Blue 40117

    Code Blue 40117 S-1000 Strobe Replacement for Plug Style
  14. Code Blue IP1501

    Code Blue IP1501 Single Button Phone Assembly, Push for Help, Stainless Steel Bezel
  15. Code Blue 40011

    Code Blue 40011 Strobe LED S-1000 WM180 Kit with Hardware
  16. Code Blue 41461

    Code Blue 41461 Curb Mount Kit, IA500 / IP2500 Speakerphones
  17. Code Blue 40100

    Code Blue 40100 Multi-tap Power Supply Assembly, 120V, 240V, 277V, 347V, TO 24V for CB 2e And CB5 Series
  18. Code Blue CB 6-S

    Code Blue CB 6-S Interactive Voice Communication Wall Unit
  19. Code Blue 41414 (2 Pack)

    Code Blue S-1000 Remote Mount Strobe with Strobe Kit
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