Wiremold by Legrand

Wiremold by Legrand

Wiremold by Legrand is an innovative and reliable system for the wiring of electrical outlets, switches, and other fixtures. It is designed to provide a safe and convenient way to install wiring in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. The Wiremold system utilizes a variety of components that are designed to be easily installed and connected in order to give a professional look that fits any space.

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  1. Wiremold 5450TWH (QTY of 5)

    Wiremold 5450TWH Twin Snap Device Bracket Fitting, White
  2. Wiremold 5400TB-WH (48ft)

    Wiremold 5400TB-WH Two Compartment Raceway Base, White. (Minimum qty of 48)
  3. Wiremold 300 (1ft)

    Wiremold 300 Latching Hide Cord Duct, Ivory
  4. Wiremold 2786-WH

    Wiremold 2786-WH Drop Ceiling Connector Fitting, White
  5. Wiremold PN10F86FW

    Wiremold PN10F86FW Drop Ceiling Connector Fitting, Ivory
  6. Wiremold V718

    Wiremold V718 Outside Elbow Fitting, Ivory
  7. Wiremold 815-WH

    Wiremold 815-WH Tee Fitting, White
  8. Wiremold 2347-WH

    Wiremold 2347-WH Single-Gang Device Box Fitting, White
  9. Wiremold 806-WH (QTY of 10)

    Wiremold 806-WH Cover Clip Fitting, White (Minimum qty of 10)
  10. Wiremold PSB1V

    Wiremold PSB1V Eclipse PN03, PN05, PN10 One-Gang Device Box Fitting
  11. Wiremold 2348-WH

    Wiremold 2348-WH Single-Gang Deep Device Box Fitting, White
  12. Wiremold 5507FRJ-WH

    Wiremold 5507FRJ-WH Flush Dual RJ Connector Faceplate Fitting, White
  13. Wiremold V5748S

    Wiremold V5748S 500/700 Series Shallow Switch and Receptacle Box Fitting, Ivory
  14. Wiremold 8B

    Wiremold 8B Blank Device Plate
  15. Wiremold V5748

    Wiremold V5748 500/700 Series Single-Gang Switch and Receptacle Box Fitting, Ivory
  16. Wiremold 5007C-2RTWH

    Wiremold 5007C-2RTWH Access 5000 Deep Device Plate Fitting, White
  17. Wiremold V5715

    Wiremold V5715 Tee Fitting, Ivory
  18. Wiremold 68B

    Wiremold 68B Blank Device Mounting Plate
  19. Wiremold NM2044

    Wiremold NM2044 One-Gang Extra Deep Device Box Fitting, Ivory
  20. Wiremold CMK10

    Wiremold CMK10 CordMate Cord Organizer Kit, 5-Pack
  21. Wiremold CM2-U2KEYA-GY (QTY of 10)

    Wiremold CM2-U2KEYA-GY CM 2A Dual Flushmount Unloaded Keystone Module, Gray (Minimum qty of 10)
  22. Wiremold V5738

    Wiremold V5738 Solid Base Fixture Box Fitting, Ivory
  23. Wiremold MNM2044-2WH

    Wiremold MNM2044-2WH Two-Gang Extra Deep Device Box Fitting, White
  24. Wiremold 2344-2-WH

    Wiremold 2344-2-WH Two-Gang Extra Deep Device Box Fitting, White
  25. Wiremold V5747-2

    Wiremold V5747-2 Two-Gang Shallow Switch and Receptacle Box Fitting, Ivory
  26. Wiremold CV4047C-2

    Wiremold CV4047C-2 Raceway 2-Gang Device Plate, Ivory
  27. Wiremold 5417FO-WH

    Wiremold 5417FO-WH Radiused Full Capacity Internal Elbow Fitting, White
  28. Wiremold 8CREST

    Wiremold 8CREST Crestron Double Gang Plate
  29. Wiremold V5748-2

    Wiremold V5748-2 Two-Gang Switch and Receptacle Box Fitting, Ivory
  30. Wiremold V5744

    Wiremold V5744 Single-Gang Extra Deep Switch And Receptacle Box Fitting, Ivory
  31. Wiremold V5744S

    Wiremold V5744S Single-Gang Deep Switch and Receptacle Box Fitting, Ivory
  32. Wiremold CV2444

    Wiremold CV2444 STL Extra Deep Box 2400, Ivory
  33. Wiremold OFR1

    Wiremold OFR1 Overfloor Raceway Coupling, 2-Pack
  34. Wiremold 2444-2FW

    Wiremold 2444-2FW Extra Deep Device Box Fitting, Fog White
  35. Wiremold V518 (QTY of 10)

    Wiremold V518 Outside Elbow Fitting, Ivory
  36. Wiremold 828PR-BRN

    Wiremold 828PR-BRN 1-Gang Nonmetallic Duplex Floor Box Cover Plate, Brown
  37. Wiremold V2444-2LS

    Wiremold V2444-2LS Device Box Fitting for 2400 Series Raceway, 2-Gang
  38. Wiremold RFB6-AAP

    Wiremold RFB6-AAP Mounting Bracket for Floor Box
  39. Wiremold CMK50

    Wiremold CMK50 CordMate II Computer and Home Entertainment Cord Cover Kit, White
  40. Wiremold OFR6

    Wiremold OFR6 OFR Series Seam Clip
  41. Wiremold OFR47-D

    Wiremold OFR47-D Overfloor Raceway Duplex Device Plate
  42. Wiremold OFR47-R

    Wiremold OFR47-R Overfloor Raceway Decorator Device Plate
  43. Wiremold R5753

    Wiremold R5753 500, 700 Extra Deep Alarm Device Box Fitting
  44. Wiremold OFR47-B

    Wiremold OFR47-B Overfloor Raceway Blank Device Plate
  45. Wiremold UL104BC

    Wiremold UL104BC Plug-In Outlet Center Unit, 120V, 4 5-15 NEMA Outlet, 6' Cord
  46. Wiremold CMK70

    Wiremold CMK70 Flat Screen TV Cord and Cable Power Kit
  47. Wiremold AV3000BK

    Wiremold AV3000BK HDMI Female to Female Barrel, Black
  48. Wiremold WMFB1KS2N

    Wiremold WMFB1KS2N Series Single-Gang Floor Box Assembly
  49. Wiremold M6BZ

    Wiremold M6BZ 6 Plug-In Outlet Center Unit, Lighted Switch
  50. Wiremold GR1200-50 (50ft)

    Wiremold GR1200-50 Nonmetallic Pancake Overfloor Raceway, 50', Gray (Minimum qty of 50)
  51. Wiremold OFR10A

    Wiremold OFR10A OFR Series Overfloor Raceway Entrance End Fitting
  52. Wiremold J86B2B

    Wiremold J86B2B Rack Mount 120V/15A/8 rear O/L /lighted switch, 15' Cord
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