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One Low Monthly Fee Covers It All
Monthly fee includes: Video storage for the period chosen, unlimited technical support, lifetime warranty & replacement, unlimited firmware updates, unlimited app updates. No hidden costs or fees, one low monthly fee covers it all as long as you own the camera!

    4K Video Storage & Unlimited Motion Alerts:
  • 1 Week of Video Storage & Motion Alerts $9.99/month
  • 2 Weeks of Video Storage & Motion Alerts $12.99/month
  • 3 Weeks of Video Storage & Motion Alerts $17.99/month
  • 1 Month of Video Storage & Motion Alerts $19.99/month

Note: 1st months storage is added to camera price, next monthly fee is billed 30 days from date of delivery.

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Item: Cloud-90D

    Included with this kit:

    (1) Pro90D-4k Vandal Dome Camera, (1) PoE Power Supply, (1) 50' Cat6 Network Cable, (1) 3' Cat6 Network Cable, (1) Quick Start Guide, * Lifetime Support, * Lifetime Replacement Warranty, * Free Shipping

    Simple Setup
    Mount the camera in the location desired, locate the cameras power supply near your internet modem, run the cat6 cable from the camera to the power supply, connect the power supply to your internet modem. Download the ProVue app to your mobile device. Your phone, tablet or computer will connect to the camera through the cloud with an encrypted secure P2P private connection. Instantly you will have access to live and recorded video anywhere.

    4K Real-time Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Dome Security Camera with Audio Recording

    This camera is the best of the best. Crystal clear 4k resolution, live viewing and recording, built-in microphone for audio recording and on-board SD memory card slot. The housing meets IP67 standards ensuring excellent performance in extreme outdoor weather conditions. The camera is a great performer indoors due to its small size and flexible mounting options. The camera also features a 90 foot night vision system and PoE (Power over Ethernet; which allows the camera to transmit video and receive power through one network cable).

    • - 4k Resolution - Sony Chip
    • - 30fps@4K
    • - 3.6mm Wide Angle Lens
    • - 90 Ft Color Night Vision System
    • - Metal Housing IP67
    • - PoE: Power over Ethernet
    • - Built-in Mic for Audio Recording
    • - On-board SD Memory Slot
    • - Wall or Ceiling Mount


    This camera is compatible with all our Elite and ProVue video recorders and all ONVIF 2.4 compliant systems.

    Live 30fps viewing & recording

    Full length movies are recorded at 24 frames per second. The Pro-vue series provides 30 frames per second viewing and recording. Smooth, detailed, crystal clear video is the result!

    30fps - frames per second

    Built-in Microphone

    The camera is equipped with an integrated microphone allowing for clear audio recording up to a 30 feet from the camera.

    Audio recording

    Outdoor Extreme Weather Rated

    The camera is constructed of a full metal housing and sealed, meeting the Electrical Industry's IP67 waterproof rating. Wall or ceiling mounted the camera is ready for harsh environments. Operational temperatures -21 º to 140 º Fahrenheit.

    IP67 Weather rated

    Camera Viewing Distance

    The green chart below indicates lens viewing distances.

    PoE & Power Supply

    This camera is normally powered by directly connecting a Cat 5 or 6 cable from the camera to a PoE port on a NVR, DVR or PoE unit (power over ethernet, the unit is then connected to a router, modem or network port.) The single cable provides both video transmission to the NVR or network while delivering power to the camera. See PoE Units. The majority of our video recorders provide camera PoE ports for directly connecting the camera to the video recorder.

    Color Night Vision COLOR Night Vision

    This camera is equipped with advanced low light and zero light night vision systems. The camera provides clear color video at night with the presence of some ambient light; such as yard lighting or nearby street lights. If the ambient light is not adequate the IR night vision system automatically turns on providing high quality black and white night vision image.

    Image Quality

    This camera automatically adjusts for the best HD image possible. The WDR feature automatically adjusts for best back lighting and exposure while the DNR function eliminates digital noise, producing extremely high quality video day and night.

    Image Quality

    Capturing License Plates

    One of the most common needs our customers have is the ability to identify vehicles on or near their property. This can be achieved if you follow the rules we detail in our How To Capture License Plates Guide . It is important that these rules are followed simply because capturing a license plate is one of the most challenging tasks a video surveillance system is asked to do. But the advice included in this guide will solve the challenges and produce the desired results.

    Our Quality Guaranty

    We only offer professional equipment that has been quality tested and has a proven track record for reliability and performance. Each item is shipped in new condition and includes an easy to follow user guide written in clear English. Our goal is simple; quality you can count on and 100% customer satisfaction.

    USA Based - Unlimited Technical Support

    We are an American owned company and we provide USA based, Free, Unlimited, Life-time Technical Support for all the equipment we offer. Don’t hesitate; if you have a simple question or need help with remote viewing setup or trouble shooting…our professional, friendly technical staff is here and ready to help! Many times we can resolve an issue by remotely logging into the system and solving the issue in minutes. We’re here and ready to help!


    Extended 5 Year Warranty

    All equipment is covered under a complete 5 year warranty from the date of delivery. During this time all products are guaranteed against manufacturing and operational defects. In the event of such defects during this period, it is our responsibility to replace the defective item with an exact or comparable product.

    5 Year Warranty

    A 5-Star Rating You Can Trust!

    We pride ourselves on meeting our customer's expectations! Our efforts have earned thousands of 5 star customer reviews. Click on the "Award Button" to check out some of our latest 5 Star Reviews!

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