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Cloud Storage System


Item: CSS-AS1004T

Cloud Video Storage Backup System

This self-contained system provides a cloud based video storage solution for Elite-IP and CVI-HD systems. The system allows remote backup of an NVR's video storage drives using an existing network or the internet.

Hard Drives Not Included in Base Price


Customer Reviews


For customers requiring duplicate or long term storage of surveillance video, this system is the answer. The unit allows you to set up automated schedules that backup the stored video held in your surveillance video recorder. The unit can be located on-site, off-site or in remote locations. This allows multi-location storage, assuring you always have the footage needed, no matter what happens to the surveillance recorder.

The total number of drives or Terabytes required is a function of the total number of cameras, storage days, and how you desire the system to operate. As a minimum storage capacity, we recommend matching the total terabytes in the surveillance recorder. For long term storage, we recommend doubling the recorders storage capacity or more.

The unit is also a great solution for businesses that are required by law to store months of surveillance footage.


4-Bay personal cloud NAS is a high capacity multimedia hub equipped with dual-core processors, Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and comes with dedicated ADM operating system. Users can install four 10 TB hard disks to immediately create a high capacity storage space of up to 40 TB. The AS10 series’ built-in CPU floating-point unit is able to quickly process large amounts of surveillance video, allowing you to instantly transfer video from your security video recorders hard drives.

Details and Performance Specifications:

  • Extremely quiet operation, comprehensive home storage server
  • Marvell Dual-Core 1GHz processor with hardware encryption
  • Read/write speeds up to 110 MB/s and 96MB/s
  • Tool-less HDD installation, initialize the NAS with your smartphone
  • Cross-platform (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) file sharing with multi-user access
  • 4 SATA Hard Drive Bays
  • Hardware Platform: pc, mac
  • Weight: 5.95 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.7 x 32.3 x 14.3 inches
  • Processor Count: 2

Video Storage - Internal Hard Drive
The DVR does not require a hard drive to operate. However, the unit stores the recorded video footage on an internal hard drive. The drive(s) are installed, formatted and tested by our technical staff prior to shipping. No action on you part is needed other than turning the unit on. The size of the drive and the recording options determine the total number of days the system can store.

Recording multiple channels of HD video requires a hard drive that can keep up with the work load. Our Purple Series hard drives are design specifically for surveillance video recorders. They can keep up and stay up with the work load, assuring reliable smooth video recording at all times.