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What do Video Doorbells & Sporks have in common?

Spork vs Video Doorbell

Sporks never really caught on, they are not a great fork and not a great spoon. If fact, they do not do either job very well. Most people prefer to have a spoon and a fork.

It’s similar with video doorbell systems. Many people want to use them as a remote audio/video door intercom and a video surveillance systems. Video doorbell systems do have one step up over sporks. They do a good job allowing a user to remotely speak with an individual at the door. But that is about it. The person must stand at the door long enough for the system to active, transmit the video through your wifi to the internet and to your smart phone. This causes a delay so the individual must stand at the door while this is happening.

The most common complaint about video doorbells is; the user gets a motion alert but when they see the video, there is nothing there. This is because of the delay in transmitting the signal. It is also why they are a great remote video/audio doorbell solution but not a surveillance system.

The other major limitation is the lens. They are equipped with a fish-eye lens so they can see people close-up standing at the door. The problem is the view is such a wide angel, they are useless in identifying an individual even 15 feet from the door. The units also must operate on lower resolution than an HD surveillance system so the remote transmission is not delayed even further.

Ring Video Doorbell

Many of our customers who buy a new HD surveillance system
for their home already have a video doorbell unit installed.

Our point is “get the right tool for the job”. To answer your door remotely, get a video doorbell unit. To security your home, get a high performance Backstreet video surveillance system.

Don't get us wrong! Video Doorbells are a great enhancement to any home security plan. We recommend them as a way to enhance a well designed video surveillance system.

Smart Video Doorbell

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