Construction Site Security Cameras, Video Surveillance, Active Deterrence

Construction sites can be difficult to secure and protect from vandalism and theft. Construction site video security systems are intended to be temporary, once the building is complete, the buildings camera system takes over. But without an active deterrence camera system, the construction site is completely vulnerable to vandals, copper hunters and burglars looking for tools they can pawn. Often they cause more damage than the stolen items are worth.

Because of a sharp rise in construction site crime, new systems called "Mobile Surveillance Systems" and "On-site Active Deterrence Systems" have become a popular solution. But they carry some fairly big downsides, the video below gives a brief review of the some cost effective alternatives.

We have very affordable solutions to secure a construction site. Solutions that provide the same level of protection and deterrence as these Mobile Systems, but for a fraction of the cost. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our design engineers, we'll be happy to help retrofit a job trailer, storage shed, shipping container or whatever temporary structure you have on site.

Construction Company Camera System Design

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