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Construction and Job-Site Video Surveillance


Are you looking for a cost-effective construction site security camera solution to meet your security and insurance requirements for a construction project? We can help you design a comprehensive mobile site-wide solution that will:

  • • Save 40% or More Over Conventional Surveillance Trailers
  • • Provide Superior Surveillance Coverage
  • • Document the Project Progression with Time Lapse Video
  • • Meet Your UL Insurance Requirements
  • • Provide Effective Live Remote Site Management

Site Specific Video Surveillance


Job-Site Video Surveillance systems reduce crime and vandalism by 65%. That’s why many insurance companies require job-site video surveillance systems with live video monitoring.


The traditional solution, “Job-site Surveillance Trailers” might be the right choice for your project but they are expensive and depending on the layout of the project can have limited effectiveness. The costs of a surveillance trailer often prohibit a developer from deploying the number of trailers needed for effective coverage.

We have the solution!


All job sites have site power. Most projects have job trailers, light poles, and temporary structures which can accommodate our mobile, easily deployed CyberCell surveillance system. The only requirement for effective 24-hour surveillance is 120v ac power, which the site electrician can temporarily provide at the location of the control. As construction progresses the systems can be quickly redeployed to new locations requiring coverage.

Better Coverage, Better Performance, Better Site Management


Some projects may require a combination of surveillance trailers and our mobile CyberCell systems. We have over 33 years of experience securing commercial buildings and job sites, we would love the opportunity to design a site-wide solution for your project. Our goal is to provide superior protection while saving you 40% or more over the project term.

Nationwide Service


While located in Utah, Backstreet services more commercial customers in New York, Florida, or California than in Utah. We have access to over 10,000 qualified IT professionals located nationwide who provide local same-day service in an emergency. We are experts in system design, deployment, and customer service. No matter where your project is located in the continental United States, we can provide complete surveillance services.


Our US Based technical center provides support services as early as 6 AM Pacific till 8 PM Eastern. Our award-winning support department provides all the services and support a customer needs.

Custom programming


Each system and camera can be programmed for custom alert periods, monitoring, and responses. All programming can be adjusted from our technical center on request. One call to our support center takes care of any programming changes.

User Access


Each CyberCell and Sentry-Solar system can be programmed for multiple user(s) access. One call to our technical center is all it takes. Each user can be limited to specific systems and even specific cameras for live viewing and playback if authorized. Each user will be given unique credentials for logging in and if needed our technical center can help the user download our mobile apps and provide user training.



The UL-listed monitoring center will provide live event alert monitoring, reactive audio deterrence through the talk-down speakers, and if needed dispatch security services or police. Each camera can be programmed for 24-hour monitoring or custom time periods.


Does Live Active Deterrence Work? You decide...

Service & Repair


Each day our technical center will log into each system and verify all cameras are operational and recording. If any issue is detected we dispatch our local support tech who will respond the same day or the next day to correct any issues found.



All replacement costs and repairs due to tampering or vandalism are covered under the vandalism insurance fee billed monthly.

Relocation of Cameras & Controls


As needed, each Cyber-Cell or Sentry-Solar system can be redeployed to new locations on the property. These scheduled services are billed as time and material at current industry rates. The average move time for controls is 2-3 hours. The average labor to move cameras is 1-2 hours each.

Unforeseen Events


Any issues relating to our service or equipment are quickly resolved by the customer making one call to our technical support center. All issues that occur with a Sentry-Solar or CyberCell are immediately elevated to key management for quick response and resolution.

5 Year Warranty


All equipment is covered under our 5-year complete warranty. Any failure due to a manufacturing defect is covered and a new part or item will be immediately sent for replacement.

Adaptive Support


We pride ourselves on adapting to the needs of our customers. Many of the unique products we offer were created by this process. As the customers’ needs change and challenges occur, our customers can trust that our three decades of experience will be applied to the challenge to find the most cost-effective solution and provide it in a timely manner.

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  1. (Sentry-Cell) Cellular Wireless Outdoor 8 Camera Control
    • Remote 4K Video Surveillance System. View live & 4K recorded video from anywhere.
    Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,999.00
  2. (Cyber-Cell) Cellular Outdoor CCTV Control, Supports 8 Cameras
    • Construction Site Video Surveillance Control. Wireless Remote Access Anywhere. Requires On-site Power
    Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,899.00
  3. Sentry-Pro Trailer Monthly Rental
    Monthly Rental Program
    • 24hr Monitoring & Police Dispatch, Vandalism Insurance, Factory Support, Unlimited User Access, 4 Weeks Video Storage, Data Services, Shipping & Pickup, NO Hidden Fees.
  4. Sentry-Pro Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Customers #1 Choice
    • Compact, high performance, 4K Video Surveillance Trailer. Supports (4) PTZ Cameras & 120dB Talk-down Speakers. Solar-powered with (4) days of battery backup.
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