Cyber-Secure Client Software Remote Access


So this is the video management software (VMS). This is the software you'll use on your PCs or Mac computers to access the system. We've got a current live view as well as commands here on the right to get to different options.


The video management software is a little bit more watered down in terms of NVR settings that you can access. So if you're looking at all these options, none of these really pertain to the NVR itself. These are strictly for the software.


To access the NVR's direct settings, you can go to devise management and click on the E here for the Access webpage. And then from here, you can log into the web browser, and access your NVR remotely.


The cell phone and local interfaces will have the same options as the web browser here, but they will be displayed differently. So if you're watching this video and it doesn't look like what you're seeing on screen, then you might want to check out our local interface videos or our cell phone videos, and one of those should get you to the right interface.

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