Cyber-Secure Client Software Viewing Options


Okay, now that it's connected, you can see our cameras here. We've got a few cameras connected to the system. On the left-hand side, you can see the NVR and you can see that there are three cameras plugged into it. You can drag these cameras to any window that you need to cross these four channels here. Or if you have more than four cameras connected, you can choose different layouts. Three-camera layout, if you're doing corridor mode. You can do a four-channel layout with one larger up here and the rest smaller. There are a few different layout options you can use. And then, if you have a layout that you like configured that you would like to show all the time, you can save that layout down here. So if you rearrange your cameras a specific way and you want to save that, you can just click Save View down here, and that'll save that view going forward.


You can close all the windows here. If you're looking at a bunch of cameras and you want to close them all at once, you can just hit Close All Window and then just drag the ones you want back over. And then you've got a Snapshot All. So if you're seeing multiple things happening or if you just want to take a snapshot across all your devices at one time, you can just click that Snapshot All button, and that'll create a snapshot here and save it in a folder that you can then open and transfer to a drive or set as a wallpaper, or whatever you'd like to do with that. You've also got the manual recording and to turn off the manual recording. So, essentially, you can record a segment straight to your computer's hard drive if you see something that your NVR may not be recording.


These two functions don't interfere with the recording on the NVR. These are completely independent and let you capture something on the fly that you think you might want to save. If you're not sure if the NVR is capturing it or if there's no hard drive in the NVR, or if you just want to save it onto the computer directly so you don't have to back it up off the NVR at a later date, you can use those functions for that as well.

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