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Congratulations on becoming a Backstreet Authorized Dealer! Below are examples of the types of dealer links we recommend you place on your website. You can copy the logo images directly into your website or you can link to the images. It is important to follow some basic guide lines so you maximize the impact the dealer link has on your sales.

Consider the following:

  • 87% of all consumer purchases are initiated online and 94% of all existing customers go to the internet for contact information.
  • Search engines such as Google indexes good links for key words that are searched such as “Backstreet Surveillance”. If you would like your information to appear “for free” when a customer searches for Backstreet Surveillance and other relevant terms such as “HD Security Cameras” or “security Camera Installation” then we highly recommend following the guide lines listed below.

Link guide lines

Place the dealer link information on your home page or create a text link on your home page that links to a page dedicated to your Backstreet Authorized Dealer info. The text link should be a descriptive word such as:

  • Video Surveillance
  • HD Security Cameras
  • CCTV Installation
  • Video Security

The information should include:
  • The Authorized Dealer image
  • A paragraph about Backstreet and your association as a preferred dealer
  • A text link that is descriptive and links to our home page.

Simple is good!

Below is an example of how one of our dealers incorperated this comcept into their website.

Backstreete Dealer Link

Why is this important for you?

At Backstreet we have a constant flow of customers asking for installation support. Many customers find the savings of a do-it-yourself kit irresistible but do not want to turn the screws and pull the wire. This is where we can generate business for you! Once the Backstreet dealer information is visible on your website we will start to recommend your company to customers located in your area and you will be are listed on our Qualified Dealers web page.

Example 1:

HD Surveillance Cameras

Backstreet is the affordable solution for easy to use surveillance equipment, offering the widest variety of HD surveillance cameras and security technologies on the internet. Their professional selection of easy to use equipment offers true value for business and residential customers. Please ask us more about the solutions provided by Backstreet-Surveillance.

Example 2:

Backstreet Surveillance Cameras

The latest video security equipment produces crystal clear images and offers features such as motion activated recording, smart phone viewing and easy to use controls. The clear leader in providing affordable HD surveillance solutions is They offer the widest variety of Video Surveillance Equipment on the internet. Their top quality selection of complete solutions offers true value. Please ask us more about the solutions provided by Backstreet-Surveillance we would be glad to help.


Feel free to link to any of the logos below or copy and paste them into your website.

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HD Security Cameras from Backstreet

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Video Surveillance

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Video Surveillance

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HD Surveillance Cameras
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