Coax Video & Power Cable 500' for CVI & CCTV Security Camera

500' Video-Power Cable


Item: Dual-Cable-500

Dual Video & Power Cable

Only one cable for each camera needed. Rg59 Coax + 18/2 Power.

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500' Siamese Surveillance Camera Cable

This cable consists of two cables: a 95 % coverage RG59U video cable and a 2 conductor 18 gauge electrical cable all in one PVC jacketed cable. This type cable is great for surveillance cameras. It eliminates the need for two separate cables (one for power and one for video). The cable spools easily from the dispensing box and provides a professional look to the installation.

  • 1 Video cable - RG59 coax 95% copper shield
  • 1 Power cable - 18awg twisted two conductor
  • Overall - High quality PVC sheath
  • Easy pull dispensing box
  • UL Listed

Note: This is a high quality indoor cable. It can be used in outdoor applications if protected by conduit. It is not intended to be exposed to outdoor environmental conditions. Do not use as a direct burial cable.

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  • Twist-on BNC Fitting - This fitting is used to connect the video coax cable to the video pigtail or "lead" on the security camera.
  • Male Pigtail - This item is used to connect the two conductor power wire to the power pigtail or "lead" on the security camera.

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