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Great for Homes & Small Business! High Definition Over Coax Cable

Maximum Resolution - 4 Megapixel

HD-CVI is a rock solid technology. It has proven to be durable and reliable. Great HD clarity with easy plug and play installation makes it the most popular option for homes. But it is also great for a low cost business system too!

The software is easy to understand and use. Just plug the mouse into the USB port on the recorder, turn the system on and it's instantly operating. Simple motion activated recording, remote access, and easy recording playback are the most popular features.

Easy Install
CVI equipment offers the simplest install of all the technologies. Easy to mount cameras, quick connect cables (no specialty tools needed), plug and play PTZ cameras and simple remote viewing setup are just a few of the advantages.

Rugged & Reliable
CVI equipment is very dependable. The embedded operating system ensures constant operation and is immune to freezing, viruses and power spikes. The cameras transmit the video signal over coax cable, coax transmission is substantially more reliable and durable than network cable. Longer distances is also a big advantage of using coax cable, video can be transmitted up to 1500 feet with coax whereas network cable is limited to 220 feet as is all PC based network devices.

Feature Rich
CVI systems are packed with the industry's latest features including, motion activated recording, audio recording, remote viewing (internet, network, smart phone, tablets, apple), plug & play pan-tilt-zoom setup and much more.

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Our Ultra-HD Series is low cost and high performance!

Maximum Resolution - 4K (12 Megapixel)

This high performance technology is IP based using standard network cable such as Cat5 or Cat6 to transmit the video signal. The system offers flexible design allowing cameras to be connected directly to the NVR or a network. The system is excellent for both home and business security application. The system does require a network router onsite for the two step setup. If the system will not be used for remote viewing or an onsite router is not available, we would recommend our Elite-IP series. This series does not require an onsite router and allows the cameras to be plugged directly into the NVR for instant plug & play setup.

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Professional Video Surveillance

Maximum Resolution - 4K (8-12 Megapixel)

Our Elite-IP series is the most power business solution on the market. Packed with the latest management features, the system allows users to effectively manage one or multiple locations. If you are looking for an easy to use but powerful home or business video surveillance solution, Elite-IP is the right choice.

Easy Install
The system allows IP cameras to be connected directly to the video recorder using the built-in PoE feature, or to any network port on an existing network. This feature allows you to add cameras to the system as your needs grow and change. Unmatched flexibility!

Feature Rich
The system offers the latest features:

  • Plug & Play Camera Connection
  • Multiple Facility Management
  • Flexible Growth
  • Powerful Analytics

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