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Matching Cameras to DVRs

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Matching Cameras to the Right DVR

There is one simple rule to matching cameras to a DVR. Simply use the same technology for the camera and DVR. A HD-CVI camera will only operate with a HD-CVI video recorder. This is holds true with all the technologies. There is a misconception that a CVI camera can be used on a CCTV system to in crease the clarity. This is not the case, the CVI camera transmits a digital signal that an analog CCTV recorder will not be able to process.

Hybrid DVRs "the Exception to the Rule"

There are special DVRs called "Hybrids" that allows different technology cameras to be used on the same unit; combining them into one operating system. For example our CVI Hybrid DVRs allow both CVI and CCTV cameras to use on the same system. This can be extremely helpful if you are upgrading an existing CCTV system but do not want to switch out all the cameras at once. We also offer hybrid IP and CCTV DVRs.

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