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Connect CVI & Elite-IP Cameras to the Same Video Recorder

We usually warn against mixing different camera technologies together. It can cause less that adequate performance. But the new CVI video recorders is an entirely different story. The CVI and Elite-IP video recorders operate on the same software. So the main difference between CVI and Elite-IP is how the cameras transmit the video. The CVI cameras use coax cable. This is still a very valuable technology. It allows you to transmit video 1500 feet on Rg59 and 2000 feet on Rg6. Also the CVI cameras cost less. The Elite-IP cameras transmit their video signal using Cat5 or Cat6 network cable with a maximum distance of around 300 feet.

BNC Video Inputs on a Video Recorder

The CVI video recorders have BNC coax cable inputs that allow you to connect CVI cameras as well as old analog cameras that use the same cabling. This makes CVI the right choice when up-grading an old analog system.

Elite cameras are IP or network based. This means they use a PoE unit (required to power the camera), connect the camera to the PoE unit using network cable Cat5 or Cat6. Then connect the PoE unit to your network, router or modem.

With the CVI video recorder connected to the same network, router, or modem the video signal from the IP cameras can be directed to the CVI video recorder allowing you to view and record the cameras. This provides a seamless integration of CVI, analog, and IP based cameras, all on the same video recorder. Excellent!

Add Elite-IP Cameras to your CVI Video recorder

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