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Here at Backstreet our goal is to provide top performing professional grade systems at the lowest possible price. We do not focus on price alone but rather "value".


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Everyday... we at Backstreet help disappointed customers replace these types of systems.

The scenario is common; the customer buys from Costco, Home Depot, Amazon, Lorex, Swann, Zmoto, and the list goes on. Then they install it...completely disappointed they then take it out and return it or sell it on eBay...and then they buy a Backstreet Surveillance system...this happens EVERYDAY! We would like to encourage you to by-pass the first four steps of this scenario and let us design the right system for you...we do it everyday!

There are two categories of video surveillance equipment on the market...and they are both created with completely different goals in mind.

Types of Suppliers

Professional grade equipment is simple. The electronics are designed for performance and the price is based on the cost of the electronics.

Consumer grade equipment is based on a preselected sale price. Then the electronics are designed to “fit” within that preselected price. This is why we often see price structures such as $399, $599, $899, $1099, $1499; the price was preselected and the product designed to fit within the price. Often the result is inferior electronics that never produce the level of performance the marketing literature boasts.

For example one consumer grade camera our Backstreet technicians were testing generated so much heat after just a few minutes of operation, you literally could not touch it. This extreme operating temperature degraded the cameras performance and shortened the life of the camera. Clearly parts of the electronics had been "trimmed" such as "Heat Sinks" (which absorb and reduce heat) so the cost of the electronics could fit into a sale price.

This brings us to the industries golden rule: when it comes to video surveillance equipment, price and performance are directly linked.

Consumer grade equipment is provided by brands such as Lorex, Q-See, Swann, and Uniden. They are sold through big box stores such as Amazon, Costco, HomeDepot, Sams Club and others.

Retailers offering consumer grade equipment

Consumer grade systems have several limitations you should be aware of. For example:

  • The prepackaged kits cannot be customized. The cameras cannot be selected specifically for their task and something as simple as needing a longer cable can become a real problem.
  • The DVR or video recorders are stripped down models with limited features and often they cannot record at the same resolution the cameras are producing.
  • The retailer provides zero technical expertise or support. This can become a real problem when you need some basic advice or help with features such as remote viewing setup.

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