Four Camera Plug in Power Supply for Security Cameras

4 Camera Power Supply


Item: PWR-4IN1

4 Camera plug-in power supply. Powers up to 4 cameras with a maximum draw 5 Amp.

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Four Camera Plug-in Power Supply

This plug & play power supply provides a maximum power draw of 5 amps. The unit features:

  • - AC input supply voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • - Output 12V 5Amps
  • - 4 Power Pigtails
  • - UL Listed
  • - Regulated
  • - Compact design


Note: When connecting this power supply to a Siamese cable or twisted power cable a Female Power Pigtail is needed. It is not needed if you are using pre-made cables because they have the fitting already attached.


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