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Transmitting Video

CVI Systems use Rg59 and Rg6 coax cable to transmit video. Rg59 can send 4 megapixel (2K) video 1500 feet, and Rg6 coax cable can send video 2000 feet.

Maximum video cable distances

Power Cable Distances - HD-CVI

Keep in mind power has different distance limitations than video. The maximum distance you can send power is a function of the power cable. The longer the wire run, the more resistance there is for the power to flow. Using larger cables reduces the resistance and allows for longer cable runs. The following is recommendations for maximum distances based on the gauge of wire. Our pre-made cables use a 18 gauge twisted pair for power. This provides a maximum power distance of 250 feet for these cables.

  • 18 Gauge Wire: 250 Feet Max - 16 Gauge Wire: 300 Feet Max
  • 14 Gauge Wire: 400 Feet Max - 12 Gauge Wire: 500 Feet Max
(Twisted pair is recommended to reduce resistance)
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