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Live Remote Central Station Video Monitoring



Item: Sentry-Live

Remote 24hr video surveillance you can count on!

- Replace expensive guard services
- Live monitoring & police dispatch
- Monitored 24 hours

This item is custom built for each order. Please allow 7 days lead time before shipping.

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Do you need a security guard but you may not be able to afford one? And even if the service fits the budget, an on-site security guard can still only be in one place at one time. In addition let’s consider the compromised safety of the guard. Each time a security guard must confront a visitor he or she is put at risk, situations can easily spiral out of control. The Sentry-Live system is lower cost than guard services, monitors all areas of concern 24 hours a day, provides live response to events and can dispatch the police while no one’s safety is put at risk.

Its smart security for construction sites, public access areas and any remote location where a security guard is needed. The system is shipped ready to operate and on average takes 1-2 hours to install. Only a constant 120v power source is required. The monthly monitoring and dispatch service is billed per camera, per month with unlimited monitoring and dispatch service.

In addition to the live monitoring, the system provides users access to live and recorded 4K video (and audio) from anywhere using their home computer, tablet or smart phone. The system stores motion activated video clips to each camera’s on-board memory card. When the memory is full the oldest video clip is deleted and the system continues to record. This process produces a rolling 1-2 weeks of crystal clear 4k video at 30 frames per second; the best performance on the market! If the user would like to review an incident, they can access the recorded video and download it to their phone or computer. The video is digitally dated and permissible in court. The system is a huge value offering live event response, crystal clear motion activated video/audio recording while reducing costs and eliminating personal risk to an on-site guard.


  • - Easy Installation
  • - Immediate response to crime
  • - Lower cost than guard services
  • - Supervised operation
  • - Live public broad cast options
  • - Gunshot detection & shot location options
  • - Live 24hr event response
  • - Live verbal warning options
  • - Deters 97% of crime
  • - Complete video documentation of events
  • - Provides accountability for visitors
  • - Reduces liability for property owners
  • - Reduces vandalism and graffiti

Our Quality Guaranty

We only offer professional equipment that has been quality tested and has a proven track record for reliability and performance. Each item is shipped in new condition and includes an easy to follow user guide written in clear English. Our goal is simple; quality you can count on and 100% customer satisfaction.

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We are an American owned company and we provide USA based, Free, Unlimited, Life-time Technical Support for all the equipment we offer. Don’t hesitate; if you have a simple question or need help with remote viewing setup or trouble shooting…our professional, friendly technical staff is here and ready to help! Many times we can resolve an issue by remotely logging into the system and solving the issue in minutes. We’re here and ready to help!


Extended 5 Year Warranty

All equipment is covered under a complete 5 year warranty from the date of delivery. During this time all products are guaranteed against manufacturing and operational defects. In the event of such defects during this period, it is our responsibility to replace the defective item with an exact or comparable product.

5 Year Warranty

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More Information

Sentry Cell Specifications


The unit is equipped with a 200W heating system and cooling fan. The heater turns on when the internal temperature drops to 40º F and turns off at 60º F. The heater does not require the use of any of the AC outlets. The cooling fan is a high airflow 7.5 W unit. The fan turns on when the temperature rises to 100º F.

Enclosure Technical Drawings

  • - Molded fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) enclosure
  • - Integral mounting flanges
  • - Fully gasketed vented lid with stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps
  • - NEMA 3R Weather Rated
  • - Aluminum mounting plate with surge protected duplex 120 VAC Outlet
  • - Thermostat controlled heating and cooling system

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