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M5 Universal Mount


Universal Security Camera Mount

Mount any security camera to a wall or ceiling in minutes. Fits ALL stationary security cameras no matter the brand or design. Indoors or outdoors this high quality mount solves all the problems of mounting to brick, concrete, stucco or any other construction materials.

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The M5 Security Camera Mount offers a professional low profile design and allows any cable connections to be hidden and protected from the weather.

Mount it to any surface vertically or horizontally. Route the cable directly in from the back or from the side. Either way the water tight bushing on the back assures no moisture follows the cable into the housing.

Installation is a breeze!

1. Mount the base by screwing it to an electrical box or any construction material.

2. It’s preferred to mount the base directly over the cable hole allowing the cable to enter the based through the rubber busing directly from the back eliminating any exposed cabling. When this is not possible, route the cable from the side using the wire guides built into the base, then through the rubber bushing in the middle of the base.

Universal Security Camera Mount

3. Route the camera’s cable (pigtail) through the waterproof bushing on the lid of the housing and connect the two cables.

4. Place the lid over the base and secure it to the base with the two side screws.

Universal Security Camera Mount

5. Push the extra camera cable (pigtail) though the rubber bushing into the mount until the camera’s base is directly over the rubber bushing on the mounts lid. Using the self-tapping screws provided, screw the camera base to the lid. The self-tapping screws create their own watertight holes into the lid and secure the camera tightly to it. The camera is now secure to the mount allowing you to adjust and aim the camera. Installation is complete.

Universal Security Camera Mount 2

How to mount a security camera like a Pro!

Get it right the first time. Use the right mounting hardware for the construction material.

Mounting Materials

Mounting hardware not included.

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