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Live Video Surveillance - Where and When You Need It


Sentry security camera trailers are the cost-effective alternative to guard services and other over-built and over-priced solar surveillance trailers. The unit is self-contained and can be deployed almost anywhere in less than 10 minutes. The Sentry system puts live eyes on a problem location 24 hours a day without putting anyone in harm’s way. The system never sleeps, takes a break or calls in sick.


The Sentry Systems offer a dependable video surveillance solution for any location needing live remote monitoring, crime deterrence or real-time police response. The uses are endless: parking lots, boat docks, ranch gates, farms, HOA’s, intersections, sports events, concerts, construction sites, parks, schools, universities, government buildings, police departments, and most off-grid locations. Our portable Sentry solutions are the perfect solution for locations where power and communications are not readily available. We offer direct purchase and rental options.

Solar Surveillance Trailers

Best Performance on the Market!

  • • Best 4K Clarity, 30fps Live Video
  • • 4 Weeks of Stored On-demand Video
  • • Up to 500 Foot AI Human Detection
  • • 196,000 Square Feet of Coverage
  • • Color Night Vision & Long Range IR
  • • Talk Down - Two-way Communication
  • • Active Deterrence with 120dB Siren
  • • Live Video Monitoring & Police Dispatch
  • • 800 Watts Fast-track Solar Charging
  • • 4 Days Continuous Battery Backup
  • • Face ID and Plate Capture Options
  • • Mobile App Access & Automated Alerts
  • • Unlimited Factory Direct Support
  • • Hardened Vandal Resistant Design
  • • Easy-up 18 Foot No-sway Mast
  • • Total weight 1200 Pounds
  • • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • • LoJack GPS Nationwide Locator
  • • NDAA & Insurance Compliant

Security Camera Trailer Rentals starting at $1,799/month

Meet Construction-Site Insurance Requirements!

  • Video Monitoring & Dispatch Service
  • Talk Down Speakers & Battery Backup
  • 100% Perimeter Protection, 4K Night Vision
  • On-Demand Video & 4 Weeks Video Storage
  • Direct Factory Support - 5 Year Warranty

Specifications & Rental Program - Sentry 10 Minute Setup


Live Monitoring & Dispatch

Live Monitoring

When your application needs a live response, our video monitoring service is the solution. For less than $1 per hour, our 24-hour monitoring service provides real-time response to events on site. The Sentry communicates alarm conditions instantly to our monitoring center. Our operators respond live with warning messages, and sirens. If needed, they dispatch the local police or private security services, providing a visual description of the suspects and their location. This service offers the highest level of deterrence and response in the security industry.

Factory Support

Factory Support for Surveillance Trailers

When you partner with Backstreet, you have a true partner. Our technical support department is available during our extended support hours and is free for life. If you have any questions or need help with system operation, programming, user management, video search or any other questions, call our toll-free nationwide support line. We’ll be glad to help.

The affordable alternative with value added!

Factory Support Adds Value


Cameras can be selected for the application. If you have a specific application which is likely to require specialty cameras, give us a call, we'll have a solution. Direct purchase CCTV trailers have the option of generic or a custom wrap. A $500 design fee may apply. Rentals are branded Backstreet.

Custom wraps for surveillance trailers

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  1. Sentry-Pro Monthly Trailer Rental
    Month to Month Rental
    • Solar powered surveillance trailer. Monthly fee includes: rental, video monitoring & dispatch, 4 weeks of 4K 30fps video on-demand, cellular data service.
  2. Sentry-Pro Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Customers #1 Choice
    • Compact, high performance, 4K Video Surveillance Trailer. Supports (4) PTZ Cameras & 120dB Talk-down Speakers. Solar-powered with (4) days of battery backup.
  3. Sentry-X Solar Trailer Generic Platform
    You Provide the CCTV & Comms
    • 800W Charging, 400Amps Backup, 18ft No-sway Mast, Supports any IP Device, 6-8hr Charge, 3-5 Day Battery, 3500lb Wheelbase. Outfit it your way!
  4. Sentry All-Terrain Surveillance Trailer
    Off-Grid Surveillance Trailer
    • When the road not a road. Or when power & communication options are nonexistent, this self-sustaining surveillance trailer is your solution.
  5. Hanwha-Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer
    Hanwha Vision Platform
    • Hanwha Camera Equipped Surveillance Trailer. With (3) Hanwha PTZ Cameras & (1) 110dB Talk-down Speaker. Solar-powered with (4) days of battery backup.
  6. Axis-Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer
    Axis Communicatons Platform
    • Axis Camera Equipped Surveillance Trailer. With (3) Axis PTZ Cameras & (1) Axis 110dB Talk-down Speaker. Solar-powered with (4) days of battery backup.
  7. Sentry-Lite Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Cost Effective Crime Deterrence
    • Compact, low-cost, 4K Video Surveillance Trailer. View live & recorded 4K video anywhere. Supports (3) Active Deterrence PTZ cameras. No Talk-down Speakers.
  8. (Sentry-Mobile) Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Battery Powered - 120v Charging
    • Box Style 4K Video Surveillance Trailer. View live & recorded 4K video anywhere. Requires 120v on-site power, 8hrs for recharge, 5 day battery operation.
  9. (Sentry-Solar) Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Solar Powered - Box Style
    • 4K Video Surveillance Trailer. View live & recorded 4K video anywhere. Solar-powered with (5) days of battery backup. Supports up to (6) Cameras.
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