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I’ve been in the security industry for 30 years, 15 installing and the other 15 in system design. Our Neighborhood Watch Program is the culmination of this experience.

With the increase in crime and the calls to “defund the police”, law enforcement has limited resources and is often forced to prioritize. Often, violent crimes are prioritized while crimes such as burglary, theft and vandalism are neglected. The police are not to blame, they are simply forced to manage what resources they have. However, this puts homeowners, HOA’s and residential communities in a compromised position of safety.

So how does the homeowner or an HOA motivate the police to act when a nonviolent crime occurs?

The Answer: Give them what they need -
Undeniable proof of the incident along with the identity of the perpetrators.

Our Sentry-Cell is the perfect Neighborhood Watch System and increases the security level for everyone in the community.

The Sentry-Cell System is a standalone 24 hour video surveillance system designed to be installed and operating within 1-2 hours. Using our App along with the built-in cellular link, homeowners and HOA members have access to live and recorded 4K video (and audio) from anywhere - using their home computer, tablet or smart phone. The system stores motion activated video clips to each camera’s on-board memory card. When the memory card fills, the oldest video clip is deleted and the system continues to record. This process produces a rolling 1-2 weeks of crystal clear 4k video at 30 frames per second. If an incident occurs, a member can select a custom length of video and download it to their phone or computer. The video includes the recording date and is permissible in court.

The system requires a constant 120v power source. It can be wall or pole mounted and located indoors or out. The enclosure regulates the control's operating temperatures with built-in heating and cooling systems, making it a perfect fit for outdoor environments. Up to four 4K security cameras can be connected to each Sentry-Cell System. Each camera can be mounted directly to the enclosure, onto a pole or up to 300 feet from the control using normal or direct burial cat6 cable.

This design makes the system perfect for HOA entry gates, neighborhoods, intersections, parking lots, community centers and open public areas.

If the community or HOA has multiple entry points, a Sentry-Cell System can be installed at each entry and the members of the community can use the app to login to either system for viewing and video playback.

The Sentry-Cell saves everyone money as it allows the community members share the expense of a surveillance system instead of each homeowner spending thousands of dollars on their own system.

Our Sentry-Cell kits include everything you need:

  • - The Sentry Control: Enclosure, PoE Control & Cell Hot Spot
  • - Enclosure Mounting Hardware & Cables
  • - Cameras, Memory Cards & Mounts
  • - Quick Start Install Guides & Lifetime Technical Support
  • - 5 Year Warranty


  • - Mount the Sentry Control
  • - Connect Power
  • - Mount & Connect Cameras
  • - Download the Mobile App
  • - Login & Start Viewing


The system is secure, encrypted and designed for maintenance free operation. It has 24/7 motion detection, recording and provides on-demand remote access. If desired, each camera can launch motion alerts directly to a user’s phone. Only authorized users have access to the video and the system manager can limit system features on a user-by-user basis.

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  1. (Sentry-Cell) Cellular Wireless Outdoor 8 Camera Control
    • Remote 4K Video Surveillance System. View live & 4K recorded video from anywhere.
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  2. (Sentry-Pole-Mount) Pole Mounting Bracket for Sentry Systems
    • Sentry Pole Mount Bracket. Mount a Sentry Control to a pole. For: Sentry-Wifi, Sentry-Cell, Cyber-Cell.
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