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If you catch something interesting with your Backstreet camera system we would love to see it! Send your clip to [email protected] Subject Line: "video of the month" If we post it you get a $100 in store credit toward any future purchase.

Daytime burglary. He was arrested a couple days later based on the video.

Mamma Bobcat and cub caught snooping around backyard.

Tree crashes through dining room wall.

Sometimes our systems record some funny things.

"Video of truck striking our mailbox. Driver was terminated the next day. Turns out he took the company truck on the weekend without permission to carry his kayaks. When he hit our mailbox, he just kept going. He also knocked down some City signs. Company reimbursed us $500 to replace mailbox and reimbursed the City. Thank you Backstreet! And Sam, thanks again for your terrific service call today. Solved the problem!

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