BlueIris Software Turns a PC into an HD Video Surveillance NVR

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Blueiris Security Camera Software
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  • Professional Cameras - Not only are our cameras perfect for the BlueIris software but they also offer professional quality and performance. You wont find bargain basement cameras at Backstreet but you will find quality.

  • 5 Year Warranty - The industries longest equipment warranty!

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Blue Iris security camera software allows you to turn your computer into a network video security system.

BlueIris Software Video Surveillance NVR System

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4k video Our cameras are a perfect match!

Our IP cameras are a prefect match for the BlueIris Video Surveillance System. Our cameras offer features, performance and reliability that makes the BlueIris Software perform at its very best. Give us a call and we'll be glad to help select the right cameras for your application.

30fps - frames per second Live 30fps Viewing & Recording

The ProVue series provides "Live Video", 30 frames per second viewing and recording, this results in smooth, detailed, and crystal clear video.

PRO90D-4K Vandal Dome Wide Angle View

Audio recording Built-in Microphone

Many of the ProVue cameras are equipped with an integrated microphone that allows for clear audio recording up to 30 feet away from the camera, and every channel on the ProVue 4K video recorders are equipped to record audio with the video feed.

IP67 Weather rated Outdoor Extreme Weather Rated

ProVue cameras have a sealed metal housing, which meets the Electrical Industry's IP67 waterproof rating. The camera can be wall or ceiling mounted and is ready for harsh environments, with operating temperatures of -21 º to 140 º Fahrenheit.

PRO120-4K Outdoor 4K Motorized Zoom Lens Camera

Cloud Back-up FREE Cloud Back-up

Are you concerned that the video recorder may be stolen in a robbery or burglary? Our FREE cloud back-up service eliminates the possibility of the bad guy getting away with the evidence!

5 Year Warranty Longest Warranty in the Industry!

We support tens of thousands of system nationwide. From our decades of experience we know we offer superior products. Our equipment is designed and manufactured specifically to our requirements. This is why we can support our customers with an amazing 5 year warranty.

PRO70D-4k & PRO60-4K Indoor/Outdoor with Audio

security camera resolutions

Confused about resolution and frame rates? Click here.

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