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Background Music

Background music is paramount to a pleasant customer experience. Studies show a store with professional background music will experience extended customer shopping and an overall increase in sales. It's also proven that background music reduces the perceived customer service wait time resulting in happier customers. Artisonce kits allow any analog music source to be used as "background music". Simple and quick setup is ensured.

Public Announcements & Paging

Artisonce systems are equipped with a microphone allowing you to use your distributed audio system as a real-time paging system. This feature allows you to continuously stream background music, and when needed, use the microphone to make real-time announcements to the public, customers and employees.

Easy Installation & Expansion

Artisonce do-it-yourself kits are designed by experts with the goal of providing an easy to follow installation process for the novice. No special tools, skills or knowledge is needed. Follow our simple installation guide and you'll have your system operational in no time. Also, most of our kits are designed for growth. You can easily expand the coverage of your system by adding additional speakers as your business grows.


Artisonce kits are designed for installation by a beginner. But be assured our expert technical staff is available to help with any questions or challenges as long as you own the! Call us anytime; our friendly support staff will be glad to help.

Industry's Best Warranty

Our 5 year complete warranty says it all when it comes to quality. We only offer professional equipment proven to perform year after year. The failure rate of our systems is soooo low we gladly offer the longest bumper to bumper warranty in the industry.

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