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Trust the Professionals

Backstreet Surveillance provides professionally designed video security systems for home, business, schools and government agencies. Our experienced support staff has designed and managed thousands of home and business installations nationwide.

Install It Yourself or Have It Professionally Installed - You Choose

Our kits are designed for easy customer installation. But we understand that's not for everyone. You may prefer a professional installation by a local pro.

Have Your System Professionally Installed & Save up to 50%

Installation Card

Local Installation by a Pro

Many of our customers find installing the system themselves is the right choice. But for you, hiring a Pro who can offer that convenient, fast and professional installation may be the right choice.

With your purchase, you receive an installation card. A simple phone call schedules an appointment with a professional installer at your convenience. The installer will provide a low, fair price for the installation.

Why You Save So Much

By separating the equipment purchase from the installation fees you eliminate the huge equipment mark-up (50-100%) normally applied by Security Dealers. Our program can easily save you up to 50%.

How It Works

  • Step 1
    Purchase one of our pre-packaged kits or have our support staff design a system specifically for your needs. When the order arrives you will find an installation card inside. Simply call the toll free number on the card.

  • Step 2
    At your convenience the installer will meet and discuss installation costs and scheduling.

  • Step 3
    Once the equipment is installed our technical support department takes it from there providing all programming, software setup and user support needs. We ensure you are satisfied with the system and comfortable operating it.

What are normal installation costs?

There are two main variables that effect the total installations costs. The average labor rate per hour in your area and the difficulty of the installation. All vary from installation to installation but the following is a guideline to budget for the cost.

  • Average Camera Installation: $90-150 per camera (depending on difficulty & local rates)

  • Average NVR & Network Connections: $100-150

  • NO Monthly Fees or Costs

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