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We’re excited to share the latest news and updates about security and surveillance technology. You’ll find information on the newest CCTV cameras, home security systems, and other security product trends and best practices. We’ll also discuss tips for keeping your home or business safe from burglary, theft and intruders.

Troubleshoot Security Cameras

How to Troubleshoot Security Cameras & Systems

CCTV Security systems consist of several electronic parts. The system requires all of them to be operating flawlessly for reliable operation. When one item fails it can be difficult to find the issues because each part relies on the other for system-wide operation. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you'll quickly identify the part causing the problem.

Security Camera Weather Ratings Explained

Security Camera Weather Ratings Explained

Will the camera you are considering handle the cold and heat of your location? Will the camera fail prematurely? Not if you match the camera's IP rating to the application. This article explains the weather ratings used for security cameras.

CCTV Power Surge Protection

Surge Protection for Security Cameras

Do CCTV security cameras need power surge protectors? The easy answer is yes if you live in areas where the power supply is unreliable or you experience frequent lightning storms. The cost of the units is often the main resistance to adding surge protection to a system. Consumers need to balance the risk of damage with the costs of protection. Here's how to do it...

The History of CCTV

The History of CCTV

Did Joseph Stalin really invent the first CCTV Camera? The CCTV industry is coming up on its millennial birthday and oh what a ride its been. From communisms, to the moon, to crime fighting, to answering your front door. What mixed bag of amazing events. Here's how it all played out...

ONVIF Explanation

What is ONVIF?

As a industry specific definition, ONVIF is the CCTV and video surveillance industries voluntary data format that standardizes IP camera signals so different brands of equipment can communicate with each other. Without it, each manufacturer would develop their own data structures making their equipment proprietary, meaning only equipment from the same manufacturer could be used on the same...

Lorex Sold & Hikvision and Dahua Banned

Lorex Sold Off in Fire Sale

Nov. 2022 - The FCC Acts! Dahua dumps Lorex, and Hikvision is on the run. The slow motion train wreck the 2019 NDAA Law started is approaching its crash site. The actions of the FCC are quite decisive, no more FCC licenses for new electronics produced from Hikvision or Dahua-Lorex. In response Dahua sells Lorex the same day! The impact of this decision is a crippling blow for these companies...

Smart Phone Viewing and Alerts

Remote Viewing & Alerts

The ability to remotely view and manage your video surveillance system from anywhere in the world is one of the most powerful features built right into our systems. You can remotely access your system anywhere and anytime through the internet or on your smart phone. Imagine...

CCTV System Configuration

Configuring Your System

There are many different ways to connect you CCTV equipment to each other and the internet. The configuration should be adapted to your application. We know this sound technical but it's actually very simple...

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras - PTZ

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras - PTZ

PTZ stands for Pan, tilt, zoom. PTZ cameras are powerful surveillance tools for long range and wide area surveillance. But there are some things you should consider before deciding on a PTZ camera. PTZ cameras require more power than normal cameras, they have three motors (one for pan, one for tilt, one for zoom) plus a heater and blower. Because of this, most PTZ cameras are NOT...

CCTV Design Concepts, Examples & Advice

CCTV Design Concepts, Examples & Advice

Your system should be designed to meet your needs. Proper camera location ensures two things. First you get the clarity and coverage you are looking for, and second you get the most out of each camera without breaking the golden rule of "Don't ask one camera to do the work of two...

How Color Night Vision Works

What is Color Night Vision?

It's actually not a new technology but rather the refinement of the old. The ability for a camera to generate color images at night is a direct result of the light sensitivity of the video chip in the camera. As the chips become more and more sensitive they have the ability to operate with very little light. Even a full moon can generate enough ambient light to keep a camera in color mode during...

Cameras with Built-in Audio

How to Add Audio Recording to your CCTV System

Audio can be an incredibly useful management tool, for example, monitoring the performance of a sales department. Imagine having clear audio/video documentation of conversations. An Automotive Dealership may use this as a way to document their negotiations with the customer. Think about how powerful it would be to go back and listen to what they actually said...

Wiring a CCTV System, Pulling Cables - Best Practices

Wiring a CCTV System, Pulling Cables - Best Practices

Follow these rules running cable and you'll save time and have a more reliable surveillance system. Running cable from a camera to a video recorder or network connection can be simple or complicated depending on the type of structure and the location of the camera. There are simple best practices that apply to all wire runs...

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