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Basic Decisions

Security Cameras Made Simple a DIY Guide Chapter

Will the cameras be Indoor, Outdoor or a mixture of both?

Are you considering only indoor cameras, only outdoor cameras, or a mixture? This decision does not limit you to any type of system. But helps you to start considering the design. There is no incorrect design but there are designs that are much more effective than others for specific applications. The most effective designs will be covered in this guide.

Will it be Wired or Wireless?

At first glance “Wireless” sounds great; no wires, simple install and easy setup. Actually none of this is correct. The only real benefit to a wireless system over a wired system is “convenience”. Wired systems always offer better reliability, better clarity, better night vision, better frame rates and a better price.

The Pro’s Golden Rules; Wired or Wireless?

  • Only consider wireless if running a single cable from the camera locations to the video recorder is not possible. The main benefit of wireless is convenience not performance.

Also consider the following wireless limitations before proceeding with wireless.

  • Wireless systems are limited to a maximum of 4 cameras.
  • Because of signal interference most wireless systems are used for home and residential applications.
  • Wireless requires more maintenance and adjustments than wired systems.
  • Wireless cameras require constant power. Only the video transmission is wireless; the power for each camera must be wired

Wifi-Pro & RF-Plus Wireless Systems

The performance of our wireless systems are the best on the market; still they do have limitations. Before purchasing a wireless system we recommend reviewing our educational section on wireless. Clearly understand their benefits, limitations and proper applications before purchase.

For detailed guidance on selecting a wireless system please visit our website and review the “Wireless Camera Myths” section as well as the ““Wireless Camera Kits"” section found in the left hand categories.

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