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The Sentry-Wifi control supports up to eight 4K security cameras and allows secure long range Wifi video transmission from the Sentry control to a remote NVR. It can transmit the signal up to 3000 feet and does not require any monthly services or fees. Cameras, cables and NVRs are sold separately.


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The Sentry-Cell Control supports up to four 4K security cameras. Using our free App and the built-in cellular link, users have access to live and recorded 4K video (and audio) from anywhere - using a computer, tablet or smart phone. The system stores motion activated video clips to each camera’s on-board memory card. When the memory fills, the oldest video clip is deleted and the system continues to record. This process produces a rolling 1-2 weeks of crystal clear 4k video at 30 frames per second. If an incident occurs, a user can remotely access the system and select custom lengths of motion activated video which can be download to their phone or computer. The video includes the date and is permissible in court. It is a true remote all-in-one surveillance system that is perfect for neighborhood watch programs and HOAs. Cameras and cables are sold separately. Requires a monthly data plan.


The Sentry-Live Control supports up to eight 4K security cameras. The system provides live 24 hour remote central station monitoring. The built-in advanced human detection system launches live video to our central station, allowing monitoring representatives to respond immediately to live events. This system is perfect where a security guard is needed but the cost or the personal risk to the guard is high. The system provides verified police dispatch, on-site live verbal warnings and 4k recording of events with user remote access via smart phones.

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  1. Sentry-Wifi

    Long Range Wireless
    • Transmit 1-8 4K security cameras. Outdoor secure wireless up to 3000 feet. All Backstreet IP cameras supported.
  2. Sentry-Cell

    Cellular Wireless
    • Remote 4K Video Surveillance System. View live & 4K recorded video from anywhere. Perfect for HOA's, gates, neighborhoods & construction sites.
  3. Sentry-Live

    24hr Live Monitoring & Dispatch
    • Central station monitoring of up to 8 cameras. Built-in advanced human detection launches live video to our central station for immediate response to events.
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  4. Sentry-Pole-Mount

    Sentry Pole Mount Bracket
    • Mount a Sentry Control to a pole. For use with Sentry-Wifi, Sentry-Cell, Sentry-Live
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