Siren-Strobe Alarm System for CCTV Security Camera Systems

Siren-Strobe Kit

Siren-Strobe Kit

Item #Siren-Strobe Kit

Outdoor Siren/Strobe Alarm System

Set up alarm control programming in the video recorder and this professional Siren/Strobe will trigger as programmed.

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Alarm Siren/Strobe Kit

This kit is compatible with the following video recorders:

    Cyber Secure NVRs

    ProVue 8 to 32 Channel NVRs

    CVI 16 Channel DVRs

This Siren/Strobe kit is designed to interface and be controlled by the video recorders listed above. The unit is triggered by motion detection, video loss and other custom programming settings in the video recorder software. The most common use is to program the unit to trigger when motion is detected in certain locations and certain times.

Kit Includes

  • (1) Outdoor Siren/Strobe Unit

  • (1) Power Supply

  • (1) 50 Foot Outdoor Rated Control Cable

  • (4) Terminal Fittings

  • (1) Install & Setup Guide

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