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Salt Old Dog

Hi…my name is Mac Jorgensen,

I’m a salty old dog that’s been in the security industry for 26 years. I started as an installer, worked my way into sales and ended up an expert in electronic security and surveillance system design. I’ve designed and managed the installation of multimillion dollar applications such as air ports and classified government facilities…not to mention countless small business and home video security systems.

I’m currently a senior system design representative for Backstreet and just one of the FREE resources that we offer. We understand this is likely the first time you have been in the market for a video surveillance system. And yes, all the different sales hype and technical terms can be confusing...

So what can I do for you? It’s simple…you let us know!

System Design…

We have a professional staff that can quickly design several options based on basic information you provide. A quick and easy way to get the process started is to use our System Design Worksheet which you can download and email or fax back to us. We’ll review the information respond with any questions and promptly provide a professional and detailed proposal.

My honest evaluation of another suppliers offer…

I’m not paid on commission. If you want my honest opinion of another supplier’s equipment, I’ll give it to you. If it’s better for your application than ours, I’ll say so. If there are some hidden problems or draw backs with it I’ll also explain them as well.

Trouble shooting…

Every once in awhile my years of turning screws out in the field comes in handy. If you have a technical problem or issues, send me an email with the details. I’ll do my best to respond with suggestions or other resources that can help.

Thinking out of the box…

Who likes to be in a box? Sometimes the best answers are right in front of us but we over think the problem. Let us know your problem or challenge; sometimes a fresh mind is all it takes to get it right.

Feel free to call me toll free 1-800-431-3056, Ex: 102
or send us an email using our contact us form.

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