Video Alarm Monitoring

Live Video Monitoring & Dispatch

When your application needs a live proactive response, our video monitoring service is the solution. Video monitoring offers the highest level of crime deterrence and response in the security industry. It transforms your video security system from a passive witness to a proactive crime deterrence.

How does it work?

By activating the advanced AI (artificial intelligence) in your NVR, our monitoring center is automatically alerted to preprogrammed events, such as suspicious loitering, human detection, perimeter intrusion, and other unwanted activities. When such an event occurs, the live video stream is sent to our monitoring center. Operators monitor the live video and, if needed, broadcast instructions on-site to deter the suspect. If the deterrence efforts are unsuccessful, the operators dispatch the local police or private security services, providing responders with a visual description of the suspects and their location.

Does Live Active Deterrence Work? You decide...

What is needed?

All Backstreet Cyber-Secure NVRs are equipped with live monitoring capabilities. The NVR uses your existing on-site broadband internet connection to transmit video alerts to our monitoring center. No additional transmission costs are needed.

Talkdown speakers should be installed at key locations around the perimeter of the building. This is not required but greatly helps to stop crime before it happens. Without the speakers, our monitoring center is limited to monitoring events and dispatching as they do not have the ability to deter the individual from committing the crime. Not all cameras require a talk-down speaker. Only a few strategically located around the perimeter are required.

Not all cameras on-site need to be monitored. Select cameras covering key entry points or known problem areas are usually the cameras programmed for monitoring.

System Design

For a cost-effective system design, give us a call and one of our design representatives will be glad to create a solution to meet your needs.


  • Account Setup $150
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee $120/camera (discounts with multiple cameras)

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