Wireless LCD Keypad

Quick Overview
Add-on - Wireless 7" Touch Screen

Built-in Android operating system, easy to use security & smart home interface.

  • - Built-in Glass Break Sensor
  • - Built-in 5mp Camera
  • - Encrypted & Secure Comm.
  • - Hands Free Control
  • - Smart Home Control

Wireless Control Screen

This unit is a secondary tablet that pairs with the main control panel. Not only does it provide a way to arm and disarm your system, but you can also see sensor status.

LCD Keypad Features


  • 7” touchscreen with adjustable brightness & sound
  • Today's weather with 4-day forecast
  • Full Z-Wave Home Automation Control
  • Built-in 5 MP camera with disarm photos
  • Automatic software updates
  • Door chimes & doorbell alerts
  • Emergency panic buttons (police, fire, medical)
  • Wall mount, table stand, and power supply included

Encrypted & Secure
The wireless communication created between the control and each device is supervised and encrypted. The system builds a "hack proof" communication network of security devices.

LTE - Long Term Evolution
The control is designed for easy software updates and technology advances. The FREE software updates will keep your system operating with the latest innovations and performance, years into the future.

Built-in 5mp Camera
The embedded camera takes a picture of each person operating the control system. You can review who armed or disarmed the system anytime and it can even alert you, in real time via smart phone, who has armed or disarmed the system, along with the individual's image. This feature is easily turned on or off as needed.

Built-in Camera

Hands Free Control - Bluetooth Disarming
Your smart phone can automatically arm or disarm the system based on your location. When you arrive home, the system will detect your phone is on-site and automatically disarm, giving you hands free control as you arrive home. When you leave, it will detect the absence of your phone and automatically arm your system and control your home automated devices. This feature is easily turned on or off as desired.

Dual Tamper-proof Communications
The system is truly state of the art. It is equipped with two separate communication paths to the monitoring center. One being cloud based and the other being 5G cell technology. When one path slows or drops off, the other path is used to transmit the alarm information. The result is unbeatable dual communication paths.

Dual communication paths

Smart Home Technology
The control is equipped with z-wave technology that allows you to use up to 128 smart home devices, such as lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers and more. Home automation devices can be added to your system as needed.

Built-in Glass Break Sensor
Each control or keypad has a glass break detector built-in. It detects the vibration and frequency of breaking glass; detecting any glass breaking within a 20 foot radius of the unit. This device adds a $199 value to the control (the cost of a glass break sensor).

UL Listed Monitoring

Monthly Monitoring Service
The Pro Guard Alarm system is a serious professional grade alarm monitoring and home automation system. The system provides secure, UL listed central station monitoring and alarm response. The monthly service fee of $44.95 includes alarm dispatch, dual cloud and cellular alarm communication, user support, smart phone control, as well as equipment warranty and repair. 100% system operation is guaranteed for a low monthly fee. An initial 36 month monitoring agreement is required with purchase. The service is offered month to month after the initial term of the agreement. The monthly fee is a fixed price per system and does not increase with added devices or customized operation.

Plug & Play!
When ordering a complete system, all of the devices are shipped ready to go. Each device is named, programmed, tested and ready for operation with the control unit. If you're adding to your system, just follow the simple guide or call us. We'll be glad to walk you through the steps. FREE Lifetime technical phone support is included with all equipment.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty
The monthly monitoring service includes all on-going equipment repair, replacements and updates. There is no limitation to the warranty period with the monitoring service.

Devices operate up to eight years on batteries. Replacement batteries are included with the warranty. Each battery is supervised and the control panel will indicate when one is becoming weak. Just give us a call when low battery messages occur and we'll send new batteries, all included in the monitoring service. All devices and controls are replaced if found to be faulty. Physical damage is exempt from warranty.

More Information

Control/Communicator Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.6"H x 7.52"W x .76"D
  • Screen: Glass capacitive 1024 x 600
  • Power Supply: Input 100-240VAC 1A/ Output 7V 1000mA
  • Speaker: 1W x1
  • Octa Core 1.4GHz processor
  • Dual band 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi
  • BLE 4.2 capable
  • Front facing microphone
Installation Tips

Installation & User Manuals

Pro Guard - IQ Panel Alarm System - Install & User Guides

Alarm System Design Suggestions

There are three basic designs when it comes to burglar alarms (Trap Protection, Perimeter Protection and a combination of these two).

Design Header

Trap Protection

This is the most cost effective design. It utilizes a combination of door sensors and strategically placed motion sensors. The design is effective if you plan on using the system when you are away from home. Door sensors are installed on the entry and exit doors. The door sensors are programmed for a delay time, allowing you to arm and disarm the system during the entry/exit period. Motion sensors are placed to cover the traffic areas. The goal is to place motion sensors in certain locations so that an intruder cannot move from one area to the other without being detected (hallways and open kitchen/living rooms are good examples). This design does leave "dead spots" where an intruder could enter, but they cannot move from that area to another without being detected and tripping the alarm. This design is effective and saves money because less devices are used for detection. When an entry door is opened, it puts all motion sensors into a delay period, allowing you to disarm the system without triggering an alarm. If the motion sensor detects movement without an entry door being opened first, an alarm is instantly triggered.

Trap Alarm Protection

Perimeter Protection

This design is used mainly to secure your home while you are there. A combination of window/door sensors and glass break sensors are used to protect all possible perimeter entry points. Since no motion detectors are used, the system can be armed while home, allowing for free movement inside without tripping any devices.

Perimeter Alarm Design

Combination Protection

This design combines the Trap Design and Perimeter Design. The system utilizes a combination of window/door, glass break and motion sensors. This allows the user to arm all devices when leaving and only arm the perimeter devices when home. The action is very easy. You simply choose the "armed away mode" when leaving or the "armed stay mode" when settling in for the evening.

Combination Protection

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