How to Find the Right Mount for any Camera

Okay, let's talk about the ways to find the correct mount for any camera. If you go to our website under "parts", you'll notice there are two sections called ProVue Camera Mounts and Cyber Secure Camera Mounts. So that gets you dialed into which series of cameras you're looking for. So let's go to the ProVue Camera Mounts, which is on this page here. And you can see the different mounts associated with the ProVue cameras. And under each mount, it lists the camera models that fit that particular mount.

They're all-weather rated, they're all made for outdoors. But if you don't want to go to the mount, you can just simply go to the detail page of the particular camera you're looking at. For example, this camera here is our Pro90D. This is the number one bestselling camera we have. And if you need to mount it outdoors, there's some information right here on it so that you can see what's going on. But just go to any camera detail page and click on more information. That's going to show the mounting options for you. And down below, it'll even say, under Related Products, it'll show the mount itself. You can just add directly to the cart if you need to. If you take a look at the cyber secure mounts, we can go to the Cyber Secure tab. This chart right here is very simple. So, okay, there's the camera, there's the mount. Here's the mount. You can just add it to the cart. Okay, that's it.

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